French Face Lift

French Face Lift

French facelift is a method of non-surgical rejuvenation applied to delay the aging process and to have a tense skin structure. French facelift, which is one of the most powerful aesthetic and facial rejuvenation treatments, has been preferred for many years. For those who want to have a full, young, and tight face, you should choose the French facelift method successfully applied in EsteFavor!

The secret to beautifying your face is in French facelift!

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What Is French Face Lift?

The French facelift process is the skin stretching process performed with flexible ropes made of silicone. The preferred ropes in the process are natural and reliable, but their complicity is very high. Thanks to the ropes placed under the skin, the skin is tightened, and the volume is given to the skin. Thus, you have a young appearance.

The French facelift process is known as a minimally invasive facelift method. This method, which helps to delay signs of aging, does not cause mimic or muscle disorder. Therefore, thanks to this process, which creates a natural effect, wrinkles go and the sagging skin texture is collected.

The French facelift process is often referred to as ‘noon face lift’. However, to achieve the best and smooth result, it must be realized by experienced physicians who know skin anatomy and work professionally in their fields. EsteFavor’s experienced physicians allow you to get maximum results than French face stretching!

How is French Face Lift?

French facelift is a procedure under local anesthesia. In this process, first of all, the skin is cleaned and purified from makeup. In the next step, after the regional numbness, micro incisions are opened on the skin and special yarns are placed in subcutaneous tissue. In this process, patients don’t experience a disturbing feeling or pain. The fixing point of the ropes may be an ear level or a jawline.

The process ends in 45 minutes – 1 hour. At the same time, there is no recovery process and you can continue your social life from where you left off.

When you apply to the French facelift process, our experienced physicians and estheticians will perform skin analysis. Our clinic, which cares about the expectations and needs of patients, makes a full, lively, and young appearance possible with the French facelift process!

Who Should Have French Face Lift?

The French facelift process is especially suitable for people with sagging, wrinkles, and lines, especially in the 30s. It offers an ideal solution to those who want to have a young appearance without gender discrimination and also want to win a live face.

The French facelift process can also be applied to people who have a partial facial paralysis. Especially in people who see signs of light aging, the French facelift process gives much better results. It may be necessary to turn to other alternatives in people with severe hanging and deepening of wrinkles.

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What Advantages Does the French Face Lift Process Offer?

The French facelift process, which is considered to be among the most important alternatives for a non-surgical facelift, is considered the key to natural rejuvenation. Gently lifts your skin and the ropes play a task of an elevator. It also does not cause disturbing stretching or mimic deterioration on the skin due to the flexibility of the ropes.

Changes that your skin will have with the French facelift process:

  • The face oval becomes evident and the reverse triangle occurs in some people according to the face type,
  • The cheekbones are more dislocated,
  • The jawline becomes evident,
  • Wrinkles between the mouth and cheeks are removed,
  • offers permanence between 5 to 10 years,
  • Support is provided for collagen production under the skin,
  • The first effect is seen instantly after the procedure,
  • The skin is tightened and sagging cheeks, skin, and tickles are collected.

If you want to experience all the advantages of the French facelift process at the maximum level, trust Este Favor‘s experienced medical team!

In Which Regions Can French Face Lift Be Applied?

The French facelift process, which is successfully applied at many points of the body, comes to the fore with its lifting effect and long-term persistence. The French facelift process shows the effect of lifting at many points of the body:

  • Chest
  • Leg
  • Arm
  • Leg
  • Hip

If you want to reach a young, fuller, and voluminous appearance on your face or body, you can visit EsteFavor.

What Should Be Considered After French Facelift?

After the procedure, you should pay attention to the following points to increase the success rate of the French face stretch:

  • You should be careful not to sleep for a week,
  • Become kind to your face or application area and you should take care to protect it from impacts,
  • You should minimize the jaw movements,
  • You shouldn’t have a facial massage,
  • You shouldn’t use chemicals for two to three days after the procedure,
  • When washing the face, you should take gentle movements from top to bottom.