Gold Needle

Gold Needle

The method known as a fractional radiofrequency application or a gold needle is considered among the most effective skin rejuvenation methods. Gold needle for a younger, crisper, and smoother look! Gold needle, which is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation method, can be applied to different parts of the body depending on the skin structure of the person. EsteFavor’s expert estheticians and physicians implement a special treatment plan that you will achieve the best results from your skin analysis.

Experience the golden age of vitality and youth!

A gold needle is an innovative medical process that is preferred to improve skin deformations and to have a youthful appearance. EsteFavor successfully applies techniques that can be maximized by monitoring international medical updates!

What is a Golden needle?

The operation, called by different names, such as needle radiofrequency, gold needle, or satin face tensile, is carried out using a fractional radiofrequency device and gold-tipped needles. Many problems such as wrinkles, droop, smudges, skin tone inequality, etc. are treated with the golden needle.

The gold needle can be applied to any one of all ages without gender discrimination. However, it is preferable to improve developing problems, especially due to aging, and to ensure that the skin regains volume. On the other hand, a painless and painless process increases the frequency of preference for needle radiofrequency.

EsteFavor uses high-tech devices to give you a young, full, and vibrant face. With a golden needle in areas where we provide maximum hygiene, you reflect the beauty inside you!

How to Apply the Gold needle?

High comfort and maximum results are foregone for the golden needle applied by the fractional radiofrequency device. Before the golden needle is performed, local anesthetic cream is applied to the application area. The region’s numbness will ensure that patients don’t feel pain during the process.

Micro-tip needles at the end of the fractional radiofrequency device warn the underskin layer after the application area has been adapted. The needle tips stimulate the dermis layer by producing high heat and heat this area safely. Collagen production with heating increases and cell regeneration is ensured.

The gold needle that EsteFavor uses with a high satisfaction rate takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes. The application area and skin analysis can change the treatment time.

In Which Cases Is The Golden Needle Applied?

The golden needle is known as the surgery-free facial rejuvenation technique, but it’s not the only effect. A gold needle with versatile maintenance can be applied for many problems:

  • Wrinkles and lines,
  • Pruning and deformation of the face line,
  • Traces of acne,
  • Cellulite,
  • Under-eye bags and bruises,
  • Cracks in the leg, arm, or abdomen,
  • Matte, tired and pale skin appearance,
  • Traces developed due to burn or trauma,
  • Large pores,
  • Skin color inequality and tonal differences.

You can immediately contact EsteFavor and arrange a golden needle appointment to treat your skin problems!

How Many Sessions Do You Have For The Golden Needle?

The number of sessions and the interval of the golden needle operation must be determined by a specialist physician. The number and range of sessions vary depending on the application area, skin problem, and size of the application area.

The golden needle is usually done within the range of 4–6 sessions. As the EsteFavor family, we create powerful and reliable treatment plans that you can get maximum results as soon as possible.

What Benefits Does The Golden Needle Have?

Medical esthetics provide reliable techniques for painless, uninterrupted youth. The golden needle is also among the rejuvenation techniques that have long been strong and lasting effects and patient satisfaction. The benefits of gold injection and the minimum risk attract many. The gold needle, which acts with the first session, makes the maximum results noticeable in the third session.

With the golden needle, you can have many advantages:

  • Pores get tight,
  • The skin will recover and create a lifting effect,
  • After the app, you can move on to your social life,
  • Light and moderate creases, lines, and dangling are improved,
  • Suitable for all skin types,
  • Removes cracks from sudden weight gain or loss,
  • Collect the droppings on the neck, face, upper arm, etc.
  • Accelerates blood circulation while ensuring skin shine and shines,
  • Can be safely applied in summer or winter,
  • Lower cost than surgical methods,
  • With its special system, it doesn’t damage the top layer of the skin and targets the middle layer directly.

Do you want to do the gold needle? You can contact us to find out more about the gold needle or you can create the first appointment to meet our doctor!