Spider Web

Spider Web

As a natural process of life, our skin ages, and because of this, the skin loses its elasticity and sags. One of the best methods to make your face and skin look younger is spider web aesthetics. Moreover, spider web can be applied not only in the face area but also in many parts of the body and gives a tight appearance.

Meet the most beautiful form of your skin!

The spider web gives you a fresh repossession of the young, tight, and full skin you had years ago. Check out our content to learn more about the spider web aesthetic that EsteFavor has implemented with high satisfaction and success rate.

What is Spider Web Aesthetics?

The method known as a spider web or rope hanger esthetics is performed by placing special medical strings under the skin. PDO (Polydioxanone) strings, which have been used safely for long periods of surgery, have been part of esthetics as well as the development of medical technology and methods.

The spider web application stimulates skin tissues and increases collagen production. When collagen production increases, the underskin gaps become full and the process of rejuvenation begins that you imagine.

Spider web, which improves and delays the signs of aging, can be applied to all genders in the thirties.

As EsteFavor, we are aware that a young and healthy appearance is very important. In this context, we carry out all our transactions with great professionalism. Call us to look in the mirror happily!

How is Spider Web Aesthetics Applied?

Spider web esthetics is performed by placing the PDO (Polydioxanone) strings in the skin tissue. In EsteFavor, spider web esthetics are covered in three basic stages: Pre-treatment, sequence, and post-processing. With our team on hand at every stage, you can enjoy a smooth process!

Spider web aesthetic application includes the following steps:

  • Our specialist physicians meet with our patients who apply for spider web aesthetics and determine a special procedure,
  • Deformations such as sagging, wrinkles, and lines are examined and application areas are decided,
  • Before the application, local anesthesia is applied to increase patient comfort and prevent the feeling of pain,
  • The region is expected to match,
  • PDO threads are placed in the subcutaneous tissue utilizing micro-tipped needles.

In Which Areas Are Spider Web Aesthetics Applied?

Spider web aesthetics, known as the non-surgical rejuvenation method, was developed with inspiration from nature. In this context, special threads wrap the subcutaneous tissue like a spider web. Thanks to the threads placed in multiple directions, collagen production is increased. At the same time, the lost elasticity of the skin is regained.

Spider web is applied on many points of the face. Moreover:

  • Abdominal region,
  • The inner part of the legs,
  • Upper arms

It provides recovery in sagging areas such as Spider web is used in many parts of the body for a tighter, taut, and smooth appearance.

At EsteFavor, we identify areas where the deformity is intense and ensure you achieve maximum results. If you want to get young, bored, and get a full look with a spider web, you’re in the right place!

How Long Does the Spider Web Effect Last?

The processing time of spider web aesthetics takes about half an hour. After half an hour, patients can return to their social lives. In addition, the first effects of spider web aesthetics are seen after about 3 months. The melting of the threads takes 6 to 8 months and is naturally excreted from the body.

The spider web provides a permanence between 2 and 4 years. Use of cigarettes and alcohol, unbalanced nutrition, etc. factors reduce the permanence of the transaction, while people who live a healthy life experience a longer-lasting effect.

What are the Advantages of Spider Web?

EsteFavor‘s experienced aesthetic and reconstructive specialists work to achieve the look you dreamed of with a professional spider web application. EsteFavor is the best option to take advantage of maximum sterilization, an experienced healthcare team, and medical products with high-quality standards.

You can have many advantages with spider web aesthetics:

  • Offers an effective rejuvenation without scars, incisions, or stitches,
  • It supports the skin naturally and makes you look younger up to 10 years old,
  • The application area has a smooth appearance,
  • Chest, abdomen, leg, upper arm, and armpit sagging are collected,
  • The facial line becomes clear,
  • The sagging or wrinkles on the cheek, jowl, and jawline are improved,
  • The skin regains the moisture it lost and has a bright appearance,
  • It maintains its effect for many years,
  • Make-up can be applied immediately after the procedure,
  • The threads used dissolve on their own,
  • After the effect of the process wears off, it can be repeated.