Facial Wrinkle Treatment

Facial Wrinkle Treatment

Our skin ages over time and a tired appearance with wrinkles are inevitable. Now, with EsteFavor, it is possible to put an end to the look of tired and wrinkled skin! Facial wrinkle treatment makes you look much younger and more dynamic than your age, thanks to personalized procedures.

Get ready to make peace with mirrors with the EsteFavor facial wrinkle treatment!

Regardless of age and gender, everyone wants to have radiant and healthy skin. So, do you have the face and skin you dream of? If your answer is no, you are ready to benefit from the facial wrinkle treatments that EsteFavor will prepare for you!

What Causes Wrinkles?

One of the biggest causes of wrinkles is age-related, but aging is not the only factor. Our skin loses its elasticity over time, however, collagen production comes to a standstill, and oil production decreases. In this case, wrinkles on the skin begin to grow and deepen.

Environmental factors, smoking, and genetics are among the biggest causes of wrinkles. Wrinkle spots grow over time:

  • Neck and decollete
  • Face
  • Crow’s feet due to eye area and wrinkles,
  • Jawline and nose lines (rabbit lines),
  • Hand
  • Corner of the mouth and lip lines.

Facial wrinkles are more intense, especially in women, and are encountered at an early age. However, mimic lines also grow over time, causing deep wrinkles. As EsteFavor, our institution provides solutions for wrinkles caused by age and other factors with its expert team and products to international medical standards! Contact us now and let’s set up your first appointment!

How is Wrinkle Treatment Done?

Wrinkle treatment is determined by EsteFavor’s expert team according to factors such as age, wrinkle density, depth, etc. EsteFavor is aware of the importance it attaches to the skin of men and women, and in this context, all procedures are carried out under high sterilization by an expert healthcare team!

Wrinkle treatment is carried out in EsteFavor with several different methods:

  • Fill
  • Youth Vaccine
  • Golden Needle
  • Rope Strap – French Strap
  • Laser Therapy
  • Paris Sparkle

EsteFavor‘s specialist physicians and health personnel apply the most accurate facial wrinkle treatment by performing skin analysis when you come for the examination! As a result of facial wrinkle treatment, you will have a younger, healthier, dynamic, and radiant skin.

Facial Wrinkle Treatment and Application Information

Thanks to EsteFavor‘s experienced aesthetic and reconstructive specialists, your skin’s needs are determined during the examination. Thus, it creates the most accurate treatment plan in this context. Facial wrinkle treatment can be continued for several sessions, or it can be completed with single-session procedures. You can make the right decision for your skin by contacting us!

Facial wrinkle treatment will first start with a skin analysis. After the analysis, facial wrinkle treatment is determined in line with the opinion of EsteFavor‘s specialist physician and patient. In the next step, your skin is cleaned and the process begins:


It is among the most preferred popular methods for facial wrinkle treatment. Hyaluronic acid, oil, etc. components are injected into the skin. Although the procedure is extremely painless, it gives results within 1-3 days. The skin becomes younger, supple, and brighter.

Youth Vaccine

Youth Vaccine, which is among the non-surgical facial rejuvenation methods, creates a lifting effect and ensures the recovery of the skin. In addition, it is considered among the best facial wrinkle treatment methods to equalize skin tone, gain moisture balance, and most importantly, recover sagging.

Golden Needle

Gold needle, which is preferred against problems such as wrinkles, sagging, acne scars, pores, etc., is applied for 4-6 sessions. This method is extremely suitable for people who prefer painless and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. While the skin has a younger and healthier appearance, skin imperfections are also eliminated.

Face Lift

Thread facelift, also known as thread hanger, treats the effects of wrinkles and aging in people over the age of thirty. In this method, no pain or pain is felt, and the first effects begin to be seen after the session. It is among the most preferred methods for facial wrinkle treatment.

Paris Sparkle

Paris Sparkle procedure is performed to treat sagging or wrinkles caused by aging and gravity without surgery. This method is a painless technique and removes the effects of aging while giving the skin a glow.

EsteFavor prefers FDA-approved and reliable methods for facial wrinkle treatments. You can contact the EsteFavor team now to learn more about facial wrinkle treatments!