Forehead Wrinkle Treatment

Forehead Wrinkle Treatment

The forehead wrinkles or forehead lines come to the forefront among the symptoms of premature aging on the face. Moreover, many people give up using mimics to store their forehead wrinkles. If you are resorting to intense make-up or other methods to store your forehead lines, you can have a permanent solution with the treatment of forehead wrinkle treatment!

Prepare to make peace with mirrors with the treatment of forehead wrinkles performed by EsteFavor‘s specialist physicians!

For the treatment of wrinkles, contact us immediately and experience the happiness of looking at least 5 years younger!

Which Is The Cause Of Forehead Wrinkles?

Forehead wrinkles develop in proportion to years and begin to deepen. Forehead wrinkles can also be caused by many factors:

  • Age,
  • Excess mimic use,
  • Visual problems or intensity of sun-based eyes,
  • Regular Eyebrows Action,
  • Sunlight,
  • Genetic factors and skin structure.

Forehead wrinkles make themselves clear with their 35s. However, due to genetic factors or other factors, forehead wrinkles begin at an earlier age. With the formation of the first wrinkle, cream, moisturizing or lotions lose their function and wrinkles deepen.

At EsteFavor, we prepare a special treatment procedure for patients with forehead wrinkles treatment. We know you care about your health and your skin, and we make sure you have the crease-free skin of your dreams!

How to Treat Forehead Wrinkles?

Forehead wrinkles are treated with the easiest and most permanent filling application. EsteFavor makes you happy with the treatment of forehead wrinkles with International high-quality medical fillers! Also, The filling materials are used to offer high biomass and Integrate into your skin.

Hyaluronic acid fillings provide a smooth appearance of wrinkles. After the procedure, patients have a smooth and healthy forehead area. In addition, the movement of the muscles is not prevented and extremely natural results are obtained.

EsteFavor’s forehead wrinkle treatment with personalized procedures has a 100 %satisfaction rate. We also work devotedly and meticulously to make you feel comfortable and safe during the process. Estefavor allows you to have results that make your face smile with advanced technology medical devices and experienced physicians in the field of wrinkle treatment!

Forehead wrinkle treatment can be applied to everyone or men who want to have natural and smooth skin. The filler used during the process allows the skin to regain its elasticity. Moreover, while preventing the deterioration of the natural expression, it creates a healthy and smooth skin appearance.

How to Treat Forehead Wrinkle Treatment?

Patients who apply for the treatment of wrinkles for the treatment of EsteFavor’s first meet with our experienced aesthetics and reconstructive experts. In the first examination, detailed information about the wrinkles of our patients is collected, a skin analysis is performed and the expectations of the patient are listened to. In the next stage, a special treatment plan will be prepared in line with the physician’s advice and the patient opinion.

Filling for forehead wrinkle treatment is applied in the following steps:

  • The processing area is cleaned and purified from makeup,
  • Local anesthesia application is performed in the region to make patients feel comfortable during and after the procedure,
  • With the numbness of the region, our expert aestheticians start filling the skin,
  • Patients do not feel any pain, pain or pain during subcutaneous injection application,
  • The process is completed within 20 – 30 minutes.

As Estefavor, we protect your health with personalized disposable materials and processes under high sterilization! We also use FDA-approved and reliable fillers in the treatment of forehead wrinkles.

After the treatment of forehead wrinkle treatment, the first effects begin to be seen within 2 – 3 days. In addition, the filling used in the treatment of forehead wrinkles continues its effect and permanence for 12 – 18 months.

What to Pay Attention To After Wrinkle Treatment

After wrinkle treatment, our patients have the opportunity to resume their daily and routine lives. Mild redness may occur after the procedure, but it will disappear completely after one or two hours. At the same time, redness is not seen in every patient.

After having wrinkle treatment, you must be protected from sunlight. Therefore, it is important to apply sunscreen after the procedure and not to be exposed to direct sunlight.

EsteFavor’s expert team always communicates strongly after and after the procedure. You can also direct every topic you are curious about to our experienced team in the field! Contact us to make peace with mirrors and get a younger look!