Cheek Filling

Cheek Filling

The understanding of beauty changes frequently, but the leading role of the faces, which is one of the rare beauty rules that have not changed for centuries, is full cheeks! A smooth, plump cheek combines with high cheekbones and provides a flawless facial contour to your face. Almost everyone wants to have plump cheeks. Cheek filling is the key to a natural, aesthetic, and youthful appearance!

It’s the right time for beauty.

EsteFavor‘s experienced team allows you to have the face and cheek line of your dreams with the professional cheek filling process. You may have overweight and asymmetrical appearance due to the wrong cheek filling. Contact us for the best cheek fillers!

What is Cheek Filling?

With advancing age, there is a loss of volume in the cheeks. As the fat under the skin melts, sagging occurs with the effect of gravity, and wrinkles and lines accompany this deformation. Moreover, factors such as genetic factors, smoking, insufficient water, and food consumption are the factors that increase the sagging and wrinkles on your cheeks.

If you want to regain the volume in the cheeks, the injection procedure to define the cheekbones and improve wrinkles is cheek filling. The line from the corners of the mouth to the ear line gains a young, tense, and lively appearance with the cheek filling.

As EsteFavor, we attach importance to health, beauty, and hygiene in cheek filling and other medical procedures. From the first moment you call for an appointment, you can realize the importance we give to you, your health, and your beauty!

How is Cheek Filling Made?

Cheek filling is performed by injecting the hyaluronic acid-based filler, known naturally in our body, into the determined cheek area. This can be done with a micro-tipped needle or cannula.

Cheek filling, which EsteFavor has successfully applied, basically includes the following stages:

  • As a result of the doctor and patient meeting, the needs of the patients are determined and their expectations are learned,
  • Our experienced physicians and estheticians create a special treatment plan in line with your needs and expectations,
  • Anesthetic cream is applied to the application area to make you feel comfortable and safe throughout the cheek filling,
  • The injection process takes about 20 minutes.

After the cheek filler injection, it will be possible to see the first effects on the skin directly. However, the filling material completely spreads under the skin and the fullness takes place within a day or two.

Who is the Right Candidate for Cheek Filling?

One of the most preferred medical aesthetic procedures in recent years is undoubtedly cheek filling. Today, high cheekbones are directly equated with beauty and youth. For this reason, people between the ages of 18 and 65, regardless of gender, have cheek filling.

Cheek fillers aren’t recommended for lactating and pregnant women. However, people with chronic diseases can have cheek filling with the approval of a physician.

What Benefits Does Cheek Filling Offer?

As EsteFavor, we have been doing cheek filling for many years. In addition, we continue to receive positive feedback with this transaction. Thanks to the cheek filling performed by our experienced, aesthetic, and reconstructive specialists, you can have a perfect facial line!

With the cheek filler application, it will be possible to reveal the youth on your face. At the same time, the process has many advantages:

  • Reduces the appearance of smile lines,
  • You will have full and lively cheeks,
  • It is effective in improving dark under-eye circles,
  • The cheeks that have lost their volume are healed and a youthful appearance of 8-10 years is achieved,
  • You don’t need to apply contour make-up to make your cheeks look full and voluminous,
  • Your facial beauty becomes evident with protruding cheekbones,
  • It gives an inverted triangle appearance,
  • It has a minimum recovery period and you can continue your social life after the procedure,
  • It is budget-friendly compared to surgical methods.

EsteFavor ensures that men and women of all ages have the appearance of the perfect cheekbones with their painless cheek filling!

Is Cheek Filling Permanent?

Cheek filling is not known as a permanent procedure. The permanence of cheek filler made using dermal filler is 8 – 12 months. In addition, consuming plenty of water and eating a balanced and healthy diet increase the permanence of the filling. In many people who lead a healthy and balanced life, the permanence of cheek fillers can exceed one year.

Cheek filler material containing hyaluronic acid begins to melt within 9 – 12 months. At the same time, people who have cheek filling but aren’t satisfied with the result may request the filling to be removed.

Thanks to EsteFavor’s expert teams, cheek filling procedures are applied with which you will be 100% satisfied with the result.

After the effect of the cheek filler wears off, the procedure can be reapplied. Este Favor uses dermal fillers of high-quality standards that are considered safe by the FDA.