Chin Filling

Chin Filling

Having a perfect jawline not only reveals your facial beauty but also provides a strong appearance. The most important point of celebrities known for their beauty or handsomeness in recent years: Is known as a perfect jawline. So, how can you have a perfect jawline that balances your face? Complete the first step by making your chin filler appointment with EsteFavor‘s expert team and many years of experience!

Get ready for a new and attractive look!

Although the understanding of beauty changes from time to time, the clear and perfect facial line always has an important role. Perfect beauty goes through a strong jawline!

What is Jaw Filling?

The filling injection process, which is performed to eliminate deformities in the jaw as a result of aging, genetic factors, or external factors, is called chin filling. Thanks to the chin filler:

  • Back of the lower jaw,
  • Loss of jawline clarity,
  • Asymmetries in the lower jawline,
  • Too big/small chin tip,
  • Very wide or very narrow jawline,
  • Jaw tip sagging,
  • Cleft chin or chin dimple,

is repaired. EsteFavor’s expert estheticians and physicians determine the most suitable jawline for your face line, providing a youthful and flawless appearance!

Chin filling is applied as an economical, comfortable, and reliable alternative to chin surgery. The first choice of people who are afraid of surgical methods is always chin filling. However, it can be applied to healthy individuals over the age of 21, male or female.

How is Chin Filling Made?

We first listen to our patients who apply to EsteFavor for chin filling and learn about their expectations from this procedure. While many people want to have chin fillers for the sharp jawline, many people want to have an oval face structure. Therefore, in line with Este Favor‘s specialist physicians and patient decision, the jawline is determined following the planning that will be suitable and compatible with the face ratio.

With the determination of the jawline, local anesthetic cream is applied to the area. Although this procedure is quite painless, it increases the comfort of the patients. In addition, a local anesthetic cream may be needed to ensure that the procedure is completed smoothly.

With the numbness of the area, a subcutaneous filler injection is applied. The chin filling process is completed in about 20 minutes and provides permanence for up to 18 months.

What is Jawline? How Is It Done?

EsteFavor tries to implement the best solution for its patients by closely following the medical developments. In this context, we continue to implement the Jawline process, which has been frequently preferred by men and women in recent years, with high success rates.

Known as the Jawline or Hollywood chin, this procedure is an ideal choice for people who want to have a sharper and pointed jawline. While the chin line is clarified, the junction points of the jowl and chin will also have a sharper appearance.

The jawline is also considered among the best methods for those with short jaws. After the procedure, the jawline comes to an ideal level, and a sharp and clear chin-jowl separation emerges. Up until a few years ago, the jawline, which men often prefer, has been in intensive demand by our female patients in recent years.

Jawline uses a filling containing hyaluronic acid. The face and jaw structure, expectation, and physician’s opinion determine the amount of fill. However, jawline and chin filling are a repeatable medical process.

Curious About Chin Fillers and Jawline

Jaw fill and jawline processing are very similar. However, two different applications are made for the facial appearance that patients dream of. Jawline and chin fillers show their effect on the chin from the first moment it is applied.

When people look in the mirror after chin filling, they see the first effects on their faces. Mild redness may be encountered after the procedure, but a serious complication is not expected. It is also important to protect the application area for a day. In this way, the filler becomes fully compatible with the skin.

EsteFavor helps you gain self-confidence with successful chin-filling results! A strong, proportional, and perfect jawline directly changes your facial appearance. Contact us now and let’s set up your appointment for the perfection of your dreams!

The people who fill the jaw are very satisfied with the results. However, a chin filling in the wrong hands results in an unnatural appearance. In this case, the jaw fill can be removed and the face will be restored.

With EsteFavor’s expert esthetics and health team, you can have the look you imagined.