Face and Lip Fillers

Face and Lip Fillers

The face and lip fill reproduces volume on the skin while removing wrinkles and lines. In recent years, you can have a smooth and esthetic look with padding preferred by women, men, young or old. As EsteFavor, we use FDA-approved fillers and perform our operations under physician control!

Get ready to meet your new look!

With experienced physicians and international high-quality medical products in EsteFavor’s field, it’s easy to achieve a more attractive, young, and esthetic look.

What is Face and Lip Fill?

The face and lip fill are performed by injecting a filling containing hyaluronic acid under the skin. It is also a medical process that provides youth and attractiveness. The fill allows for a smooth, full view of the application area while filling fine lines and creases.

The face and lip fill are used for three different operations:

  • Volume,
  • Improve face lines,
  • Treat wrinkles.

Skin filling is a highly reliable process, including non-surgical rejuvenation methods. EsteFavor only uses filler brands approved by the FDA and provides high biocompatibility. Fillings containing Hyaluronic acid achieve excellent skin compatibility and make it easy to achieve the look you want!

How are Face and Lip Filling Made?

Skin fills have been used in recent years to treat wrinkles and to perfect facial features. The fill fills the gaps under the skin thanks to the gel structure, so the skin surface is smooth.

The lip fill makes the lips more fulfilling and voluminous, while the face fill gives a younger look. For face and lip filling, the application area is injected with a micro-tip insert. There may be a slight sinking sensation during the process, but it doesn’t cause uncomfortable pain.

The face fill doesn’t usually require anesthesia. However, local anesthesia can be applied to people with sensitive skin structures or lip fills.

Facial and lip filling takes an average of 20 minutes, and patients can continue their routine lives the same way.

When you arrive at EsteFavor, our expert and experienced esthetic physicians help you achieve the best results for your skin and appearance! With our procedures that care about patient vision and needs, you feel safe and comfortable at every stage of the application.

In Which Areas Is Face Filling Applied? How Does It Affect?

The facial filling is applied in many areas and focuses on achieving a perfect appearance at the points that patients see as a defect. However, EsteFavor guides its patients for a more natural look, but the last person who decides on the appearance is always known as our patients.

Face filler application areas:

  • Nasolabial lines (vertical line from the nose edges to the lip edges),
  • Cheekbones,
  • Jawline and chin folds,
  • Eye contour and crow’s feet lines,
  • Nose tip and upper part,
  • Correcting skin folds,
  • Cheek and forehead,
  • Mouth wrinkles,
  • Wrinkles between the eyebrows and around the eyebrows.

EsteFavor allows you to achieve the best result that will meet your expectation for face filling! You can take the first step to reach the perfect look by contacting us right away.

What is Lip Filling? How is it applied?

This process is applied to the lip area or inner part; The process that makes the lips more voluminous, prominent, and fuller is called lip augmentation. In recent years, it has been observed that almost many women are considering having female lip augmentation, and women dream of having fuller lips.

While women who have lip augmentation have a more attractive and aesthetic appearance, men prefer this procedure for more shaped lips. Lip augmentation is one of the processes that have been applied with reliable procedures for many years and that gives people self-confidence.

With EsteFavor’s experienced physicians and estheticians, it is possible to have the most natural lip augmentation that will best suit your skin type!

Things to Know About Face and Lip Fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers, which are a safe and natural option for face and lip fillers, are preferred. However, EsteFavor also uses different fillers in line with the needs and expectations of its patients. However, hyaluronic acid fillers start to take effect 10 minutes after the procedure. Acid fillings reach their natural appearance in an average of one week.

The permanence of face and lip fillers varies according to the application area and filler. However, a permanence of 9 to 18 months is provided.

You can get detailed information about-face and lip augmentation by using our contact numbers, or you can make your first appointment!