Moles Removal

Moles Removal

Moles can be found in many parts of the body. Some moles can be innate or some moles can develop later. Moles are usually benign and can cause moles aesthetic problems, especially in the face or neck area. Moles removal is a precise and painless solution for benign moles. Moles removal with laser is quite popular due to minimum side effects.

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How To Understand Benign Moles?

Moles are divided into two groups:

  • Benign Moles
  • Malignant moles.

To understand the benign moles, the following points are paid attention to:

  • It can be the same level or slightly fluffy as the skin,
  • It can be innate or develop later,
  • It can be skin-colored or in only one color,
  • The size and shape remain the same.

Benign moles can be cleaned by moles removal. Malignant moles develop continuously, grow or change color. It can also cause bleeding, itching, etc. problems. Therefore, taking the malignant moles will have serious health results. There is no problem in taking benign moles and improving the aesthetic appearance.

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How to Make Moles Removal?

Moles removal is performed by laser or surgical method. Moles removal process with laser is preferred because it doesn’t leave traces or remains at a slight level. At the same time, there is no need for dressing or local anesthesia.

An incision is opened on the surface of the skin for the surgical method for moles removal. In this method, local anesthesia should be applied to the application area. When the anesthesia shows its effect, the incision is opened in the area where the moles are located and the moles are cleaned with their roots. Then, the application area is closed by sewing. One week after the operation, seams must be taken.

Moles removal leaves a trace of the surgical method. The trace density is directly proportional to the size of the mole. Therefore, mole removal is preferred with a non-a surgical laser for the trace-free mole removal process.

EsteFavor’s expert team obtains detailed information about moles removal during consultation. If you want to learn the most suitable and reliable moles removal process for you, contact us now! As Estefavor, we are working to leave our patients happy and satisfied with the clinic.

How to Make Moles Removal with Laser?

Moles or the Latin name ‘Nevus’ causes people to have self-confidence problems, especially in the face, hand, neck, and ear region. In particular, large, fluffy, and dark-colored moles are species that people want to camouflage or directly. Moles, however, with a small number, but small in size, can also be taken with a laser.

Laser moles removal is an ideal solution for people who prefer moles removal without surgery. In this process, electrical energy is converted to heat and cleaned by burning the moles. Those who have a laser mole removal procedure often don’t feel intense pain or pain. However, a local anesthetic cream can be applied for those who have sensitive skin or who want to spend a comfortable processing process.

For the mole’s removal process with laser, the following issues should be considered:

  • Have the moles suddenly developed and grown?
  • Is there a color change on the moles?
  • Do moles cause pain, pain, or itching?
  • Are moles limits asymmetric?
  • Have you had bleeding on the moles?
  • Is there a wound on the moles?

If you answer even one of these questions, you should talk to a dermatologist. You should also have the necessary examinations. Although the laser is an extremely reliable method, malignant moles must be investigated.

What Are The Advantages Of Laser Moles Removal?

You can spend the mole’s removal process comfortably with medical tools and expert aestheticians using advanced technologies of Estefavor! Our expert team will prepare the best session plan for you depending on the size, number, and depth of Mole.

Moles removal with laser is known to be extremely advantageous because it is painless. It also does not leave moles removal with a laser. Especially the skin-colored moles, which aren’t too large, are burned without leaving a mark. Mild redness may occur after the procedure but will be lost within a few hours.

Moles removal is a reliable process and moles removal‘s relationship with cancer hasn’t been detected. Therefore, it doesn’t adversely affect your skin or health.

Moles removal performed with laser is usually completed in a single session. You can get detailed information using our contact numbers!