Neck and Jowl Filling

Neck and Jowl Filling

Having a wrinkled and sagging neck–jowl area makes you look much older and overweight than your age. Vertical or horizontal lines in the neck area are often accompanied by a swollen and oily jowl. Well, is it possible to make the neck and jowl area younger and smoother? Of course, it is very easy to have a natural and healthy appearance thanks to EsteFavor‘s neck and jowl filling process!

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What are Neck and Jowl Filling?

The neck, which is one of the most flexible parts of our body, appears as a wrinkled appearance as a result of aging and genetic factors. At the same time, a large appearance may occur with the sagging of the jowl. Neck and jowl filler removes wrinkles and lines in the neck area while providing a smooth neck and jowl area.

Neck and jowl areas become wrinkled, especially due to aging, sagging and lines appear in these areas. However, factors such as genetic factors, working conditions, sun rays, and posture cause early onset of deformations in the neck–jowl region or increase in depth. For example, although many people aren’t overweight, they have excess fat in the neck and jowl area.

Neck and jowl filling is a medical aesthetic procedure that repairs wrinkles, lines, and moderate sagging that have occurred in the regions. In this non-invasive method, the comfort of the patients is at the highest level and you don’t have to postpone your daily work.

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How is Neck and Jowl Filling Applied?

Neck and jowl fill is applied in areas where EsteFavor provides maximum sterilization, accompanied by specialist physicians and estheticians. EsteFavor keeps patient health and safety at the top and has a high success rate in medical operations.

The first step in the neck and jowl filling process is the patient and physician interview. During the examination, the most accurate treatment plan is determined according to the depth and intensity of lines and wrinkles. For the neck and jowl filling process:

  • Local anesthesia is applied to increase patient comfort and prevent the feeling of pain,
  • The application area is expected to match,
  • Dermal filler is injected with fine-tipped, disposable needles,
  • Neck and jowl filling takes about 15 minutes.

With the filler injection, the cavities under the skin are filled and thanks to the filler, the application area gains volume. In this way, the problems caused by sagging, wrinkles, and lines are eliminated, while the skin regains a smooth and lively appearance.

How Long Does the Effect of Neck and Jowl Filling Last?

The effect of neck and jowl filling begins to be seen immediately after the procedure. However, it takes a week for sagging, wrinkles, and lines to fully recover. The permanence of the process continues for up to 12 months. At the end of 12 months, neck and jowl filling can be done again.

As a result of neck and jowl filling, the sagging and oily area are recovered. At the same time, while the chin and neckline become clear, a V-shaped appearance is achieved.

EsteFavor’s experienced and professional healthcare team prepares a tailored treatment plan to address your concerns and hesitations. Moreover, all materials and equipment used to comply with international medical standards. Call us now and let’s start creating the most reliable and best result treatment plan for you!

What Advantages Does Neck and Jowl Filling Offer?

Neck and jowl filling performed by EsteFavor‘s expert team has many advantages:

  • While neck filling improves wrinkles and lines, it provides a younger appearance by 8-10 years,
  • The jowl filler removes sagging while clarifying the jawline,
  • The neck and jowl filling process is painless and mild swelling that can rarely be seen after the procedure disappears within a few days,
  • It is suitable for everyone, regardless of gender and age,
  • Neck and jowl filling not only smoothes the application area but also gives the face a young and healthy appearance,
  • Only neck filling or chin filling can be done separately,
  • Fillers containing hyaluronic acid are fully compatible with the body and begin to be absorbed by the body from about the 9th month.

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