Temple Filling

Temple Filling

With the aging process, the cheek, eyebrow, mouth area, and temple area will lose their volume and show a sagging condition. Many people have filters applied to areas such as cheeks, around the mouth, etc. to improve the first sign of aging. However, the temple areas that make you look older than your age are neglected. The temple filler, on the other hand, allows the upper face line to rise and fills the gap in the temples.

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What is Temple Filling?

The temple is located at the end of the eyebrows and it is often not understood that it loses volume. When you look in the mirror, you may notice that you look more tired and older than before. But you may not be able to understand at what point there is a problem. Well, in this case, the problem is usually caused by the loss of volume in the temples.

As a result of natural aging, the temple area is emptied and thus the adipose tissue begins to melt. Over time, sagging occurs in this area. Although this situation is usually seen after the age of 35, it can also occur at a younger age due to genetic factors and traumas.

The temple fill is a filling injection process that reproduces the volume in the temple and gives a full appearance. A long-term temple fill by EsteFavor’s experienced team gives you a young look while improving your face!

How Is The Temple Filling Done?

The temple filling is done by applying a filler injection to the temple area. Thin-tip needles can be preferred for the operation, as well as cult-tipped cannulas. When you contact EsteFavor for a temple fill, you can start the process by talking to our expert physician and estheticians in the field.

The temple area has thin, delicate skin, just like around the eyes. For this reason, a detailed examination is performed during the consultation and patient expectations are learned. Our trained and experienced esthetic and reconstruction experts will prepare the most reliable temple fill plan for you.

The temple filling process takes about 15 to 20 minutes and doesn’t disrupt your daily life. We also use a local anesthetic cream to make you feel comfortable throughout the process.

EsteFavor, with its professional team and innovative solutions, performs temple filling in areas with maximum sterilization. We think of everything for you and implement high-level measures.

What are the Benefits of Temple Filling?

If you see ‘peanut-shaped gaps in your temple area when you look in the mirror, you may be at the right time for temple filling! Temple fillers don’t just make temples look young and vibrant. It makes the upper line of your face perfect and prevents eyelid drooping due to sagging in the temple area.

As EsteFavor, we offer many advantages with the temple filling process:

  • It helps the eyebrows to gain a more lifted appearance,
  • The procedure is extremely painless and reliable,
  • The gap in the temple area is filled and the upper face line is balanced,
  • Line appearance disappears,
  • The facial line is balanced,
  • A more lively and youthful appearance is provided in the part of your eyes close to the temples,
  • The first effect is seen immediately after the procedure,
  • It can be applied together with other non-surgical facial rejuvenation methods.

What to Expect After Temple Filling Procedure?

Those who have temple fillings begin to see the first effect immediately after the procedure. 1-2 days is enough for the filler to spread under the skin and fill the gaps.

After the temple filling procedure, no significant side effects are observed in the patients. Also, there is no recovery period and you can return to your routine life.

After the temple filling process, it is important that you protect the application area from sunlight and don’t use cosmetic products. In addition, you should consider the recommendations of your doctor in order not to reduce the effect of the procedure and to get smooth results.

As EsteFavor, we work for you to be comfortable before and after the procedure and to look in the mirror with happiness. You can let us know what you are wondering about the temple filling by using our contact numbers.

What are the Side Effects of Temporal Filling?

It would be correct to apply it by experts and authorized people in the field of temple filling. Due to the procedure, the application point is very sensitive, and incorrect or over-injection of the dermal filler can cause serious problems.

EsteFavor works with physicians and estheticians who are experts in temple filling and other medical procedures. Our experienced team provides optimal results with minimal side effects.

If there is no wrong application after the temple filling, slight edema and minimal bruising are expected. However, the edema and bruising will disappear in a day or two. You can contact us for more information!