Can A Bald Person Get Hair Transplant Surgery?

Can A Bald Person Get Hair Transplant Surgery?

Today, many people lose their hair due to certain reasons. However, developing medicine and technology can produce solutions for hair that has become sparse or completely shed over time. At that point, the field of hair transplantation and the best hair transplant clinics can manage to cure many people’s problems.

In this article that we have prepared for you, we will focus on hair transplantation details and explain what to do and how much it costs.



What Is a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is the treatment method applied to people with hair loss problems. When people lose some or all of their natural hair, they have sowed in hair transplantation clinics. Turkey hair clinics are one of those centers that can help you.

Hair can be thin for many reasons. First of all, it is not wrong to evaluate at the hereditary genetic level. If there is a hair loss problem in family members, this problem may also be observed in the next generations. In addition, it has emerged as a result of research that inorganic substances such as jelly, spray, and foam used to shape hair affect hair loss. Hair can also be poured as a result of psychological disorders. Therefore, the whole process must be reviewed by taking into consideration both physiological and psychological effects. You can find the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey to consult the experts on this issue.

Who Can Get Hair Transplant Operation?

There is confusion as to whether it is suitable for hair transplantation. It is not right to say that almost everyone is suitable for hair transplantation even if they find the best hair clinic. The idea is based on this; People with sufficient hair follicles in the region between the two ears are suitable for planting. However, if there are not enough donors in this region, experts cannot perform such an operation. Because enough donors cannot be obtained, planting cannot be made at the desired frequency and a pleasant image does not appear. Therefore, even if you find the best hair transplant hospital in Turkey, no one will tend to do this operation.


Can Bald People Get Hair Transplant Surgery?

Many people are confused about hair transplantation. First of all, you can get support for hair transplantation without pouring hair completely. The number of wires in your mind decreases over time and becomes sparse. With the spill, you can apply to the nearest health institution or a hair transplant center in Turkey. From this point of view, hair transplantation can be done to people who are completely balding, as well as this process can be easily done to people with sparse -hair.

 A hair transplant center in Turkey is aware that for people with sparse hair is quite easy. It is quite difficult to find donor hair roots in people who are completely bald. In this respect, in sparse-haired people, the hair and hair follicles that are already existing are taken quickly and cultivation takes place quickly.

You don’t need to be completely bald for hair transplantation. Therefore, if there is sparse with spill, you should consult your doctor and get the necessary information about shedding and planting from a hair transplant center in Turkey.

Hair transplantation ensures that patients of different types of patients are comfortable with more than one technique applied. In general, men have the problem of baldness, and most of the demand comes from this side. In addition, it is seen that women have hair problems, albeit a little. For this reason, people who want to feel more comfortable both aesthetically and psychologically do the necessary procedures in hair transplantation clinics. Hair transplant result in Turkey can make people feel good in this direction.

How Many Grafts Can A Person Need?


How Many Grafts Can A Person Need?

In order to make hair transplantation, first of all, the person’s hair is lost. If the person is at the beginning of the hair loss process or if the shedding still continues severely, new costs may be encountered for new sessions for new openings that may occur after hair transplantation. In this case, dissatisfaction increases if hair transplantation is performed. Because the person’s hair continues to fall and this cycle continues. Therefore, if the person who comes for hair transplantation has not yet been lost, the sowing should be avoided and the necessary warnings should be made to prevent new costs in the future.

The substances that need to know about the ideal graft are as follows:

  • The graft that should be planted per centimeter to have a natural appearance should not go below a certain figure.
  • The graft number will affect the hair transplant price.
  • 20 to 30 grafts per square meter are ideal and are the numbers that can be obtained by the doctor and team planting. On the other hand, the realization or below this frequency depends on the following factors;
  • Your intensity expectation,
  • The view you aim for it,
  • The efficiency of your donor zone.

What Is The Cost of Hair Transplantation?

It is possible to see that people who want to have information about the hair transplant price are searching with terms such as hair transplant cost in Turkey and hair transplantation prices average. It is not possible to determine the same price for the average hair transplantation price or each hair transplant operation. A hair transplantation examination is required to clear the price of hair transplantation. The type of operation to be performed after the examination is determined and the price of net hair transplantation is revealed.