FUE Hair Transplant Recovering Process: What to expect?

FUE Hair Transplant Recovering Process: What to expect?

The attachment of newly placed grafts to the scalp and start to grow is experienced under the name of the recovery process. This process takes an average of one year. When this time of one year is over, the person can have the hair he expects and wants. The recovery process after FUE hair transplantation progresses in certain stages. First of all, the first 10 days after the operation are the most critical days. Since the hair transplantation has just been completed, extra attention is required to the area where the hair transplantation is performed. As the process progresses, it is possible to finally achieve the expected hair with visible changes.

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The recovering process is a process that requires patience. After the hair transplant is performed by specialist doctors, the biggest share belongs to the patient in the recovery process. In this process, it is important to learn the knowledge of the situations that progress gradually. In the light of this information, the sense of anxiety that the individual who performs hair transplantation will feel will disappear.

  • After the hair transplant, shock sheddings occur after the first month. This situation is a very natural part of the recovery process
  • Also, it is possible to see dandruff and crusting on the scalp with the recovery process. This stage shows that the slight damage to the tissue gradually passes after the hair transplant operation. In these cases, you can consult your doctor for the feeling of discomfort.
  • Redness on the scalp is not a side effect. This situation is temporary. It disappears with the continuation of the healing process.
  • After the shock shedding, when about 3 – 4 months has passed, the new hair will be on the scalp. This new hair will be very fine. Before the healing process ends, they will have a strong and thick structure.
  • At the end of the sixth month, the growth rate of new hair can be said to be between 60 – 80% on average. This rate varies from person to person. Hair will continue to grow and get stronger.
  • From the sixth to the twelfth month, the new hair and scalp will try to complete the healing process. It is possible to have healthy and strong hair at the end of this process, which takes an average of one year.