FUE Hair Transplant Success Rate

FUE Hair Transplant Success Rate – Does FUE hair transplantation work?

Most of the individuals who have hair loss or baldness problems are search the hair transplantation process. FUE hair transplantation is one of the most preferred methods among hair transplantation techniques. Many individuals who consider the FUE method are curious about the success rate of hair transplantation done. The success rate of the perfectly completed FUE method varies between approximately 90-95%. To achieve this success rate, it is necessary to pay attention to some factors. Firstly, the center to be transplanted must be of high quality. The presence of a successful team with professional and talented doctors within this center is one of the factors affecting the success rate. FUE hair transplant method is an operation that requires great attention and professionalism.

Fue Hair

Conditions Affecting Success Rate

During the FUE hair transplantation process, 3 stages are more important than all the stages. These are the graft collection, canal opening, and graft planting stages. These stages require much more care and attention. During the graft collection stage, grafts must be collected without damaging the tissues. If there is tissue damage in the grafts, the rate of settling on the scalp will decrease, and this causes a decrease in the success rate of transplantation. For the canal opening stage, it may not be possible for a non-professional doctor to open the canal at the right angle. In hair transplantation made to canals that are not opened at the right angle, hair follicles may not attach to the canals and may fail. Also, hair transplanted to canals that are not opened at the right angle grows uneven and irregular, and this indicates a failure in hair transplantation. During the graft placement stage, the grafts must be firmly placed in the canal. Otherwise, the grafts cannot be fully attached to the scalp and the success rate of hair transplantation decreases.

For the desired success rate in FUE hair transplantation, the recovery period after hair transplantation should be passed with sufficient attention and importance. Individuals who experience FUE hair transplantation should overcome the healing process that will last about 1 year after the operation, carefully and meticulously. The FUE hair transplant process, which has been successful in all these cases, achieves the highest success rate.