Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrows directly change your expression. Also is a powerful accessory that will make you a new person. Eyebrow transplants made today are permanent. Many people who want to have impressive, clear, and modern looks prefer it.

The EsteFavor is ready to go with its expert team and high-tech medical tools specially made for eyebrow transplantation!

Eyebrow transplantation methods are preferred to make the eyebrows fuller, more vibrant, and to have a clearer aura of the eyes and promise a success rate of 96 to 99 percent. Eyebrow transplantation can be performed, which aims to renew the eyebrows that have lost their thickness, strength, volume, and healthy appearance.

Eyebrow transplantation is applied not only for the eyebrows with naturally reduced density but also for the hairless eyebrow areas damaged as a result of burning and similar accidents. It gives excellent results. Contact EsteFavor immediately and start the eyebrow transplant process.

Are you ready to change and renew your look from top to bottom? The EsteFavor is the right place for you!

Why is Eyebrow Transplantation Performed?

Your eyebrows make up the overall expression and a big part of the style. The looks you always have turn into natural makeup. The shape of your eyebrows makes the overall size and proportion of your face look much more aesthetic, young, modern, and energetic. The sparse, feathery, and missing eyebrows may result in insufficient assertive looks you want.

Eyebrow transplantation was mostly requested by women. Recently, it has been requested by urban men. Many individuals who want to give the determined model to the eyebrows that grow less frequently, have eyebrow transplantation done in the missing and open areas and obtain a more permanent image.

At EsteFavor, we are here to make all your dreams come true for your appearance.

  1. Those who cannot reach the desired look for people with incomplete and sparse eyebrows,
  2. Those who want to change the shape of their eyebrows, but do not have enough length or density for this,
  3. Those who permanently lost all or part of their eyebrows due to a traumatic situation, injury, burn,
  4. Those who experience intense shedding and loss due to a health problem that develops later in the eyebrows,
  5. Along with trends, it is frequently preferred by people who want to have bushy, sharp lines and stylish eyebrows.

Did you know that while recreating your eyebrows, we make the results 100 percent permanent?

Remember, eyebrow design and eyebrow transplantation are not the same. We offer eyebrow transplantation procedures with the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method, which is a surgical method. This means a beauty treatment with a 96 to 99 percent success rate and maximized retention rate.

How is Eyebrow Transplantation Done?

We use the world-renowned and advanced FUE method for eyebrow transplantation. The FUE method helps to determine the right angle and the correct number of grafts using advanced tools and an innovative perspective. It also ensures that eyebrow transplantation offers maximum retention. It is extremely important that your doctor, who performs the eyebrow transplantation, calculates the unique angle of the eyebrows correctly.

Eyebrows usually grow at an angle of 10-15 degrees with the skin. Giving importance to this angle, new grafts transplanted provide a natural appearance. The process of opening the canal directly affects the angle of the eyebrows in the final view. Therefore, it is useful for your doctor to use robotic tools while applying the FUE method.

The FUE method, which has been proven to be successful internationally, is applied as follows:

You must not have health problems in your skin or blood that may prevent eyebrow transplantation. With its expert laboratory, the EsteFavor performs blood tests with clear results in a short time. As a result of the blood tests, if there is no problem, the examination phase begins.

Did you know that at every stage of eyebrow transplantation, you will be dealing with trained and professional medical doctors instead of beauticians? We care about your health. We see the great excitement you feel after the eyebrow transplant. For this reason, the areas to be transplanted are marked and the number of grafts needed is determined during the examination. We make sure that a professional doctor will take care of you in this situation. Eyebrow transplantation provides the results you want with only the right clinic.

100% painless eyebrow transplantation is possible! Anesthesiologists in the EsteFavor apply local anesthesia to both the donor area where the graft will be collected and the area where the eyebrow will be transplanted. It is of great importance that local anesthesia is performed with the right dose and the right anesthetic drugs. Thus, pain is not felt when consciousness is open. For this, we offer special sedation anesthesia techniques to our patients.

Approximately 400-700 grafts are required in a standard eyebrow transplant procedure. In the graft collection stage, high-tech devices with a width of 0.6 – 0.7 mm and specially produced for eyebrow transplantation are used. Each graft has 2 or 3 hair roots. It is taken one by one from the donor area. It is kept in a special solution made by our experts. This solution is used for successful results of eyebrow transplantation. In this way, tissue loss can be reduced to zero and this is very important.

The collected grafts should be planted in the right areas according to the eyebrow style determined before transplantation. For this, canal opening is performed with special devices with thin tips. When the canal is opened, the angle of the needle, the gap between the canals, and the overall appearance intensity must be adjusted by a true professional. The eyebrows that are sparse, too tight, too steep, or slanted will not turn into the look you imagine. In the Favor Clinic, the canal opening process takes place with your specialist doctor. The steps are guaranteed to be completed with maximum efficiency.

Did you know that today a standard eyebrow transplant procedure is completed within 2-3 hours? Only 200-500 grafts may be sufficient for eyebrow transplantation. It is completed in a short time during the day. In this way, you can quickly move on to the healing process. We care about eyebrow transplantation according to the eyebrow model you want. For this reason, we use various imaging techniques and we perform eyebrow transplantation with your consent.

Are you ready to discover more?

Popular beauty trends caused interest in eyebrow transplantation to increase 300 percent compared to last year. Thick, fuller, and expressive eyebrows are now much more trendy than before. Contact the EsteFavor right away and have the style to recreate your look. You can make an appointment for the examination by calling our clinic. Also, you can send us your questions and problems.

We guarantee maximum success in Eyebrow Transplantation with two different modern methods!

Why Does Not Eyebrow Grow or Why Does It Fall Out?

Usually, eyebrows are taken by women. This causes stubborn hairs to be constantly plucked in certain areas of the eyebrow. This may cause no new hair to grow in the area over time. Eyebrow transplantation can be performed to renew the eyebrow, which has lost its thickness, strength, volume, and healthy appearance. Also, genetic factors, insufficient vitamin supplements, traumatic events, and may cause the problem is known as eyebrows not growing, permanent loss, or eyebrow sore. Examine in detail the reasons why your eyebrows do not occur:

How Is Healing In The First 10 Days After Eyebrow Transplantation?

Eyebrow transplantation progresses faster due to the low number of grafts transplanted in the healing process. Since the eyebrow transplantation is performed in the most visible area of the face, individuals want the recovery to be fast and the eyebrow transplantation not to be evident in daily and social life. The EsteFavor minimizes the damage rate and guarantees rapid recovery with the transplantation it performs with specialist doctors.

During the healing process in eyebrow transplantation, it causes the transplantation angle to change for a few grafts due to the healing tissue called fibrosis. This situation is natural and does not affect the overall result

  1. Eyebrow transplant day: Eyebrow transplantation can take 2-3 hours. Since local anesthesia is applied, there is no intense pain on the day of eyebrow transplantation. On the first day, it is necessary not to apply pressure to the area, not to lie face down and not to use chemicals. There is no general bath and water restriction for eyebrow transplantation.
  2. The day after the eyebrow transplant: Your specialist doctor in EsteFavor can recommend treatment, especially for individuals with very high sparseness and stubborn tissues in the brow area.  This method, which is a completely natural treatment method and performed using the person’s blood, can strengthen the results of the transplantation by 35 percent.
  3. The second day after eyebrow transplant: Second day may be the right time to wash your eyebrows. What you need to do at this step is to lather the soap or shampoo you use and purchase following the advice of your doctor, in an area other than the brow area. Take the foaming shampoo in layer and apply it to the eyebrow area with a gentle massage. Most of the scabs and red dots in the eyebrow area will be removed. Do not try to completely clean the red spots, as this can cause irritation and damage the tissues along with the graft. Therefore, clean it gently. Allow some time for complete cleansing.
  4. The third day after eyebrow transplant: At this stage, you can comfortably go out to the sun, start exercising, and wash. Faster recovery minimizes the need to restrict your social activities at the end of transplantation. Red dots may still be present in the transplantation area, but they will disappear completely within a few washes.
  5. The fourth day after eyebrow transplant: Dots appearance is expected to be finished after two to four washes. But it usually clears up on the fourth day. With the tiny red dots disappearing, you’ll notice your brows looking fresh and clean.
  6. 5th to 10th day after eyebrow transplant: Grafts were collected from the donor area for eyebrow transplantation. Preferably, grafts are taken from the nape root and skin particles with a diameter of 0.7 mm become prominent. But since the skin particles are not used, it stays in place. A period of 10-15 days is needed for the skin to be cleansed of these particles. After this period, there is no need for a different intervention and the particles are cleaned automatically.

The EsteFavor works 100 percent patient-oriented. It is an approved service center by the Ministry of Health. You can contact us and consult our specialist doctors for all your questions and problems after the eyebrow transplantation proces

Who Cannot Have Eyebrow Transplantation?

Eyebrow transplantation can be performed on individuals whose eyebrows are permanently shed and their eyebrows are thin. It can also be applied to people who want to thicken and radicalize their existing eyebrows. People who want to have trendy makeup and beauty looks can also have eyebrow transplantation. However, it may not be right for people who want to have eyebrow transplantation for permanent make-up. Permanent makeup fills the eyebrow but disappears after a while. Eyebrow transplantation is permanent for life. Eyebrow transplantation may not be a good choice for a recent organization. Because it may take 6-8 months for the transplanted eyebrows to fully heal and grow.

With the details above, there may be a certain amount of bleeding during the eyebrow transplantation while the graft is collected, the canal is opened and the grafts are placed. For this reason, eyebrow transplantation may not be applied to people with the blood-borne disease. Also,

  1. Those with hepatitis C disease,
  2. Individuals with HIV – AIDS virus,
  3. People with pseudopelade and Lichen planus disease,
  4. Individuals who have had 3 or more unsuccessful eyebrow transplantation,
  5. Individuals with scalp conditions with chronic effects
  6. People with cardiovascular disease,
  7. For individuals with blood pressure problems, eyebrow transplantation may not be suitable.

What Are The Side Effects and Negative Side Effects of Eyebrow Transplantation?

Eyebrow transplantation is a lighter procedure compared to other transplantation procedures. The healing process is completed within 5-8 days. However, there may be redness, bruising, clotted blood, and mild pain after transplantation. Apply the ointments given by your doctor for the relief and relief of these side effects. Do not buy any products other than doctor’s advice and do not touch the transplanted area.

Also, it should be said that the growth of the new eyebrows much faster than the others will cause the need to cut and care for the areas that grow in a short time.

What is the Cost of Eyebrow Transplantation?

Eyebrow transplantation promises success rates between 96 and 99 percent. As a professional surgical process we offer, it is done by the EsteFavor specialists. The price of the transplant may differ depending on the model you request for your eyebrows, the graft you need depending on the model, and the eyebrow transplantation method you prefer. To create an eyebrow transplant plan designed only for your wishes and needs, you can call the EsteFavor, get a price and make an appointment.