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With the latest technology painless painless comfortable hair transplant operation!

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Hair Transplantation in Men


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Hair Transplantation in Men


Hair Transplantation in Women


Beard Mustache Transplant


Eyebrow Transplant


Unshaved Hair Transplant


Long Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant
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Hiv pozitif sac ekimi

HIV Positive Hair Transplantation!

Now it's your turn! Get ready to regain the hair you desire with the hair transplantation we have applied to HIV-positive patients.

Our expert and experienced healthcare team progress by successfully performing the HIV-positive hair transplant operation in a sterile operating room environment. Contact us now to discover the Este Favor privilege!

Until a few years ago, it wasn’t considered appropriate for HIV-positive patients to have hair transplantation. However, thanks to the developing technologies and the professional hair transplant team, hair transplantation can be performed on HIV-positive patients!

Frequently Asked Questions About Aesthetic Treatments

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Environmental factors, smoking, and genetics are among the biggest causes of wrinkles. Wrinkle spots grow over time:

  • Neck and decollete
  • Face
  • Crow’s feet due to eye area and wrinkles,
  • Jawline and nose lines (rabbit lines),
  • Hand
  • Corner of the mouth and lip lines.

Wrinkle treatment is carried out in EsteFavor with several different methods:

  • Fill
  • Youth Vaccine
  • Golden Needle
  • Rope Strap – French Strap
  • Laser Therapy
  • Paris Sparkle

Forehead wrinkles develop in proportion to years and begin to deepen. Forehead wrinkles can also be caused by many factors:

  • Age,
  • Excess mimic use,
  • Visual problems or intensity of sun-based eyes,
  • Regular Eyebrows Action,
  • Sunlight,
  • Genetic factors and skin structure.

Filling for forehead wrinkle treatment is applied in the following steps:

  • The processing area is cleaned and purified from makeup,
  • Local anesthesia application is performed in the region to make patients feel comfortable during and after the procedure,
  • With the numbness of the region, our expert aestheticians start filling the skin,
  • Patients do not feel any pain, pain or pain during subcutaneous injection application,
  • The process is completed within 20 – 30 minutes.

Lip edge wrinkles begin to manifest themselves from the age of forty. However, in some cases and due to people, it begins to form in the middle of their twenties or at the end of the fifties. The reason for the formation of lip wrinkles or oral lines is age. However, some factors increase the depth of lip edge wrinkles. These are:

  • Exposure to sunlight and not using regular sunscreen,
  • Smoking
  • Using a pipette regularly and continuously for beverages,
  • Genetic factors,
  • Consuming insufficient water,
  • Stress,
  • Sleeping disorders.

Lip edge is generally preferred for wrinkle treatment. When you apply to Este Favor, our professional health team specializing in the field will determine your needs by making your skin analysis. However, our experienced aesthetic physicians prepare the most accurate treatment plan by determining the depth and severity of wrinkles.

Some lip edge wrinkle treatments we apply in our clinic are:


Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are known as the easiest and most comfortable methods of combating wrinkles. The filling process applied to the lip and rim takes about 30 minutes and begins to show its effect after the session. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in our skin, so it won’t observe a significant side effect after the procedure.

Face Low Methods Without Surgery

Our experts and successful physicians may recommend non-surgical facelift treatments after performing their examinations and performing skin analysis. Non-surgical facelift methods contain different procedures such as laser or micro-needling. Especially for deep wrinkles spreading to the face area, a complex treatment or care is required.

100 Questions 100 Answers Hair Transplantation

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Anyone over the age of 24 can have a hair transplant, regardless of gender. Anyone who has hair loss or baldness due to genetic factors, age progression, disease, and accident can have a hair transplant.

People who cannot have hair transplantation can be listed as follows:

  • Individuals who are born without hair,
  • People with heart, liver failure, and similar diseases,
  • Individuals with blood pressure and diabetes,
  • People with blood-borne diseases.

Hair transplantation is not recommended and applied for these people.

Hair transplantation is usually completed in a single session. However, the number of sessions may vary depending on the area where the graft is collected in the nape area and the area where the hair transplantation will be performed.

The features that determine hair transplant prices can be listed as follows:

  • Method to apply
  • Number of grafts
  • The width of the non-hair area
  • Quality of the treatment center
  • The level of expertise of the technical team

Today, FUE, FUT, and DHI methods are preferred in hair transplantation. The most preferred method is the FUE technique, which has the minimum surgical risks and gives the person the closest look naturally.

In the FUT method, grafts are removed in strips for hair transplantation and placed in the area to be transplanted in this way. With the development of technological possibilities, the FUE method has come to the fore recently and has replaced the FUT method.

Hair Analysis

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EsteFavor & Hair Transplant

EsteFavor & Hair Transplantation offers the latest hair transplantation technologies to its clients and owes its global recognition to its excellent and natural results.


It is one of the pioneers of the boutique health service approach in Turkey. While providing personalized VIP service, it guarantees the most accurate planning, natural appearance, and high-density hair transplantation.

EsteFavor provides high-quality service in the field of hair transplantation with its expert and successful team. It performs hair transplantation procedures in A +++ hospital with a JCI certificate and in a sterile operating room environment.


We keep pace with the developing technology and plan the best planting for you.


During the process, we provide you with a comfortable process like at home.


The most important issue for us in the process is your 100% satisfaction.


We aim for natural and successful hair transplantation with the latest technologies.







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    FUE Hair Transplant Recovering Process: What to expect?

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