Painless Procedure

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Hair transplantation takes an average of 5-8 hours, and some techniques are used for hair transplantation to ensure that patients do not feel pain. At EsteFavor, we attach importance to the comfort of our patients and offer painless hair transplantation. Also, for individuals who are afraid of needles, hair transplantation can be offered without feeling the needles during the procedure. We have prepared detailed descriptions for the treatments that will minimize the feeling of pain. For painless hair transplantation:

One of the techniques developed for painless hair transplantation is the Pressurized Anesthesia Device. In this way, the area will experience local numbness. With the use of this device, the anesthetic agent is applied to the scalp without using a needle. The anesthetic is sprayed with pressure so that it is rapidly absorbed into the skin. In this way, the feeling of pain during the hair transplantation process is minimized.

During the hair transplantation process, it is necessary to minimize the pain in the graft collection, canal opening, and graft transplantation processes. This is important for the comfort of the patient during the procedure. It is important that the patient is comfortable and that there are no problems during the hair transplantation process. Local anesthesia is first applied to the donor area where the grafts will be collected. Then it is applied to the area where hair transplantation will be performed. This process takes 10 minutes in total and is applied 10 – 20 minutes before starting the procedure. The individual who will have hair transplantation with local anesthesia will be awake and aware of everything. Only the area to be transplanted will be loosened and nothing will be felt afterward. In the hair transplantation procedure, the only situation where you will feel a slight pain is when local anesthesia is applied.

Sedation anesthesia can be applied with or without needles. It is one of the preferred methods for painless hair transplantation. The drug-containing sedation is given to the patient through the vascular or respiratory tract. In this case, the patient may feel slight sleepiness. Also, the patient will feel a little pleasant and relaxed. Do not worry about this situation. After sedation anesthesia, the patient will be able to speak and understand everything. In general, people who want to apply sedation anesthesia are people who are very excited and very worried.

EsteFavor is the best address for patients who want to experience professional hair transplantation with pain reduced to almost zero. If you want to have full and voluminous hair with great comfort, create your style and have all these without pain, contact our clinic immediately.