Which Country to Choose for a Hair Transplant: Turkey or Mexico?

Which Country to Choose for a Hair Transplant: Turkey or Mexico?

Hair transplantation is the process of transferring the grafts with strong hair follicles taken from the donor area to the area where the hair is absent or sparse. Which Country to Choose for a Hair Transplant: Turkey or Mexico? In the 1930s, the Japanese doctor Sasagawa introduced the process of transplanting hair follicles. However, this dream came true in 1952, after an American doctor’s examination of a hair transplant. Until 1980, planting methods without natural results were used. With the development of technology and the discovery of new planting materials, methods that lead to natural results were found in the early 1990s.

Today, many countries strive hard to offer the best hair transplant service to millions of people, thanks to the development of modern methods and successful aesthetic transplant operations.

Which Country Is Safe for Hair Transplant around The World?

Which Country Is Safe for Hair Transplant around The World?

There are many countries that have the best hair clinic. However, the first country that comes to mind is, of course, Turkey. The success of hair transplant treatments and hair transplant result in Turkey is known by everyone. You can easily get successful and affordable treatments thanks to Turkey hair clinics. There are many elements that are positive:

  • Affordable Treatments
  • Premium Treatments
  • Hygienic Treatments
  • Experienced Surgeons
  • Vacation opportunity during treatment
  • Affordable non-therapeutic needs

How Is The Hair Transplant Results in Turkey and Mexico?

Hair transplant result in Turkey is much better than in Mexico, as the operations are provided with first-quality products. Both the devices used and the products used are selected from the best. This ensures that the harvest does not feel pain during the treatment and that the treatment is successful.

All devices used in hair transplant treatments in Turkey have the latest technology in their field. Thus, it is almost impossible for the patient to lose the transplanted hair after the treatment. This is another factor that enables patients to receive hair transplant treatment from Turkey hair clinics.

Which Country to Choose for a Hair Transplant: Turkey or Mexico?

What Is The Cost of a Hair Transplant Operation in Turkey and Mexico?

Hair transplantation can be done in Mexico or Turkey. There are many treatment and procedure differences between these two countries. While Turkey performs hair transplantation at very affordable prices in accordance with the standards of the United States, hair transplantation in Mexico costs 3 times more on average than in Turkey.

Hair transplant price in Mexico is $3550, the minimum price is $2600, and the maximum price is $5000. However, hair transplant cost in Turkey is determined by the graft numbers. Hair transplantation clinics that offer hair transplantation prices with the calculation of grafts in hair transplantation, even if it is possible in general, perform 3000 grafts of hair transplantation and they offer a price between 9000 TL and 15000 TL for these 3000 grafts of hair transplantation.

Is It Possible to Get FUE in Turkey and Mexico?

The FUE method, which is completed without the need for any stitches, is offered in both countries even if there are some method differences. Hair transplant center in Turkey can offer much more advantages.

Which Is Better for Hair Transplant Operations?
Which Country to Choose for a Hair Transplant: Turkey or Mexico?

Which Is Better for Hair Transplant Operations?

When considering all the elements mentioned above, we can say that Turkey is better for the best hair transplant services and there are many best hair transplant clinic in Turkey:

  1. Turkey is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Europe, so a hair transplant operation can be a great way to see some of the country’s most beloved historical sites.
  2. Hair transplants offered are typically a minor and minimally invasive procedure.
  3. Turkey has become one of the world’s leading hair transplant destinations thanks to expert surgeons, advanced procedures, high-quality requirements, and low hotel prices.

As hair transplant Turkey is known for its medical tourism industry, foreign patients will receive packages that include:

  • Hotel accommodation and hair transplant surgery, accompanied by a well-deserved vacation, and the cost of hair transplant treatment in other countries.
  • Surgeons have a long history of successful hair transplants, so success is their priority in addition to the best hair transplant hospital in Turkey.