FUE or DHI? : Which One To Choose

FUE or DHI? : Which One To Choose

Which One To Choose  : FUE or DHI? The most important question in the minds of individuals considering hair transplantation in which hair transplant method should be used? People who are stuck between the FUE hair transplant method and the DHI hair transplant method are researching to make the right choice. To make this choice, it is necessary to know both hair transplantation methods very well.

FUE Hair Transplantation

Grafts are collected from the donor area. Then comes the canal opening stage. During the canal opening stage, a special solution is used to prevent damage to the grafts. This solution prevents tissue damage to the grafts. Grafts are placed into the canals opened using the right angle.

Which One To Choose: FUE or DHI?

DHI Hair Transplantation

DHI stands for Direct Hair Implant. In this hair transplantation method, the stages begin to like the FUE hair transplantation stages. The stage difference of the DHI method is that the canal opening stage is not performed separately after the grafts are collected. Canal opening and graft placement stages are performed at the same time. Also, Choi Implanter Pen is used for this procedure. In this way, the collected grafts are placed on the scalp with the canal opening process without waiting too long.

What are the Differences?

There are certain differences between these two methods. These differences can be decisive for which method to choose.

  • DHI hair transplantation method is used in narrow and open areas and people with regional hair loss. On the contrary, the FUE hair transplant method is successful in large areas.
  • The recovery process in the FUE method takes longer than the DHI method.
  • Hair transplantation with FUE is completed within 6-8 hours. In the DHI method, it takes longer.

Which One to Choose?

Individuals can choose according to the characteristics of the FUE and DHI methods and the differences between them. However, to get the healthiest results in the hair transplantation operation, an examination by a specialist is required. After the examination by the doctor, it will be clear which hair transplantation method is the most suitable for the person. This is the best way to choose a hair transplantation method.