Hair Transplant Prices

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Strong, Permanent, and Natural Hair Transplantation is Possible at Affordable Prices with EsteFavor!

We offer you hair transplantation procedures with our most professional doctors and the team at the EsteFavor! One of the most frequently asked questions by individuals who want to have hair transplantation is hair transplant prices. Hair transplant prices vary according to some situations. First of all, it is necessary to be examined to create price information. Information about the price variation is given below. Call us for more detailed information and make an appointment to be examined.

What Are The Factors That Determine Hair Transplant Prices?

Many factors affect hair transplant prices.

  • The change in hair transplant prices depends on the choice of the clinic at the first stage.
  • Different pricing can be made within each clinic.
  • Situations such as the fact that the doctors working in the clinic are experts in their field and the presence of a talented team are some of the important factors affecting the pricing.
  • The quality of the technological tools used in the clinic can increase this pricing.
  • The method you will have hair transplantation also affects the price of hair transplantation.
  • Since hair transplant methods are different from each other, they have different pricing. During the examination, the open area will be checked and the number of grafts required for hair transplantation will be determined.
  • The low or high number of grafts changes the price of hair transplantation. If the number of grafts to be transplanted increases, the price of hair transplantation also increases.

The blades used in Sapphire FUE hair transplantation are made of real sapphire for hair transplantation. The use of sapphire material in the blades minimizes tissue damage on the skin during hair transplantation. In this way, one of the methods preferred by many individuals is Safir FUE. It can be said that the prices of Sapphire FUE hair transplantation, which has these features, are more costly than conventional methods. The open area where hair transplantation will be performed is checked and then the number of grafts needed is determined. The low or high number of grafts causes changes in pricing. For general pricing, an average price between 4.500 – 7.000 TL is given. This price may vary for each customer.

While using this method, one of the steps in hair transplantation is not done separately. The canal opening process is carried out as a separate step in all other methods. In the DHI Choi method, canal opening and graft transplant are performed at the same time. Also, grafts are transplanted one by one. In this case, the hair transplantation process becomes a longer and professional process. This situation is one of the most important factors in the change in pricing. The DHI method is more costly than other methods. Also, the Implanter Pen is used in this method, and this special item is one of the special cases in pricing. The number of grafts required may also change the price of the procedure. It is difficult to make known general pricing for DHI Choi hair transplantation because there are prices that vary from person to person. Contact our clinic to get the most accurate price information and make an appointment to be examined.

Prices for hair transplantation in women vary according to some cases. Most women do not want their hair to be shaved during the hair transplant procedure. Hair transplantation is performed with this method called unshaved hair transplantation. Hair transplantation with this method is more costly. The hair transplant method to be used is also one of the important factors that vary for pricing. Pricing takes the general form after determining the number of grafts needed by the patients during the examination. For this reason, prices vary from person to person. With the personalized plan our clinic makes for each hair transplant, clear information can be given for pricing. Generally, pricing is between 8,000 – 14,000 TL. For more detailed information, contact our clinic and make an appointment immediately.

Men have recently started to demand a lot of beard and mustache transplantation. The number of grafts is less for this transplantation in narrow areas. The low number of grafts ensures that pricing is also low. The number of grafts may vary for the intense appearance desired by the patients. However, on average, a maximum of 2500 grafts are used. In this case, pricing changes again. The price can also change in the selection of the method to be used for beard and mustache transplantation. As we do for every patient, we also create a personalized plan for beard and mustache transplantation. Therefore, different pricing occurs for each patient. To receive the necessary price information, you need to contact our clinic and be examined by making an appointment.

Eyebrow transplantation is performed in the most prominent area of the face area. Therefore, this procedure is very important. The eyebrow area is narrow and small. The number of grafts to be used will be less. To determine the number of grafts, the openings and the model desired by the patient are taken into consideration. These factors are one of the important factors affecting pricing. Generally, the number of grafts varies between 400 and 700. At the same time, the transplantation method to be used for eyebrow transplantation can also create significant changes in pricing. Each patient’s wishes and open areas are different. Considering this situation, personalized planning is also created in eyebrow transplantation. Therefore, the price is different for each patient. Contact the EsteFavor to create your plan and get precise pricing information.