2024 Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey and Hair Transplant Packages

Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey And Este Favor Hair Transplant Packages

A popular cosmetic procedure, hair transplant surgery restores hair growth in balding or thinning scalps. Turkey is a popular destination for hair transplant surgery due to its high-quality and affordable services. Este Favor Hair Clinic is a top best hair transplant clinic known for its success and patient satisfaction. Expert surgeons perform Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), and Sapphire FUE hair transplants at the clinic.

hair transplant cost in turkey

Hair transplant costs in Turkey depend on the number of grafts, procedure, and clinic location. Turkey has low hair transplant surgery costs while maintaining high quality, unlike the US or UK. From pre-operative consultations to post-operative follow-up appointments and personalized aftercare instructions, Best Hairtransplant Turkey provides excellent care.Hair transplants are one of the most common hair loss treatments worldwide. Male and female hair thinning, baldness, and loss are increasing. There are many causes of hair loss besides aging. Genetics, environmental impact, medications, diet, and other health issues are common.
Anyone with hair loss wants to regrow their hair to look their best. Hair transplant is the most common option.

The cost of hair transplant surgery in Turkey shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing a clinic. To get the best results, patients should check the clinic’s reputation and reviews. Este Favor Hair Clinic is known for excellent patient care and natural-looking results. Their experts can tailor a treatment plan to each patient’s needs and goals using cutting-edge technology.

Finally, Turkey is a great place to get a hair transplant for the best price. Patients can trust Este Favor Hair Clinic and Best Hair transplant clinic in Turkey to provide high-quality care and a natural-looking result at an affordable price. For a successful hair transplant, patients can find the right clinic for their needs and budget with careful research.

hair transplant packages in turkey

Comparative analysis of hair transplant costs in Turkey and other Countries

Many individuals in European nations face difficulty in determining their financial capacity to undergo a hair transplant due to the high cost of the procedure, which is typically calculated on a per graft basis.

The majority of hair transplant clinics in Turkey provide their patients with comprehensive “All Inclusive” packages. These hair transplant packages encompass essential medications, complimentary transfers and accommodation, and the cost remains unaffected regardless of the number of grafts transplanted. In addition, they assure that there are no concealed expenses, thereby eliminating any uncertainty regarding individuals’ ability to afford their transplant.

When comparing the costs of hair transplants in the United Kingdom or European countries, it is observed that the costs in Turkey are only one third or one fourth of those in these regions. The majority of Best Turkish hair transplant clinics provide hair transplant procedures at a cost ranging from $1,300 to $2,000.

Comparison by Countries
Hair Transplant in Turkey$ 1,300 – $ 3,700
Hair Transplant in India$ 1,500 – $ 2,900
Hair Transplant in Mexico$ 2,500 – $ 4,500
Hair Transplant in Hungary$ 2,700 – $ 4,000
Hair Transplant in China$ 2,700 – $ 5,000
Hair Transplant in Poland$ 3,200 – $ 5,000
Hair Transplant in Spain$ 4,500 – $ 9,000
Hair Transplant in Germany$ 5,200 – $ 12,000
Hair Transplant in Japan$ 6,500 – $ 10,000
Hair Transplant in France$ 6,800 – $ 14,000
Hair Transplant in Australia$ 8,500 – $ 22,000
Hair Transplant in USA$ 10,000 – $ 25,000
Hair Transplant in UK$ 12,000 – $ 20,000
Hair Transplant in Canada$ 13,000 – $ 30,000

Does a low cost imply a low quality?

The affordable cost of hair transplantation in Turkey may lead some individuals to hesitate and associate the low price with inferior quality.

The affordability of hair transplant Turkey cost and other treatments can be attributed to the favorable exchange rate between the Turkish currency and major currencies such as GBP, EURO, and USD. The primary factor that enables individuals to afford high-quality hair transplant procedures and other treatments is their financial resources. These procedures are typically performed in well-established clinics or hospitals with experienced medical professionals.

Over the past two decades, there has been a significant increase in the number of Turkish surgeons working in the field of hair transplant, resulting in heightened competition. In order to implement a marketing strategy, clinics reduced their expenses.

Turkish medical professionals and healthcare facilities are renowned for their expertise and ability to successfully perform complex surgical procedures. Turkey has consistently been a leading choice for dental treatments, eye surgeries, cancer treatments, and plastic surgeries for an extended period of time.

Prior to Turkey’s rise as the leading choice for hair restoration, individuals from the United Kingdom and various other nations had been journeying to the country for the past two decades. They would embark on tours with their companions and undergo eye laser surgery and dental treatments following an enjoyable vacation.

In addition, clinics that carry out hair transplant procedures must obtain accreditation from the Turkish Health Ministry. Regular inspections ensure that clinics adhere to the highest quality standards.

Hair Transplant Package in Turkey

In Turkey, hair transplant packages often include various additional services and amenities. The contents of these packages may vary between clinics, but they typically encompass all essential components of the hair transplant procedure. The hair transplant package in Turkey typically includes the following components:

Consultation: An initial appointment with the surgeon to assess your hair loss, discuss your goals, and determine the number of grafts needed.

Hair transplant surgery is a complex procedure that includes graft preparation, transplantation, and extraction of hair follicles, typically performed using the FUE technique.

Medical Staff Fees encompass the expenses associated with the surgeon and other healthcare professionals involved in the patient’s care.
Local Anesthesia: The total cost of the local anesthetic administered during the procedure.

Accommodation: Some of the packages may include a designated number of nights at a hotel located either in the city or adjacent to the clinic.

Transportation: Includes transportation services for commuting between the clinic and lodging, as well as airport transfers.

Post-operative care encompasses the administration of prescribed medications, scheduled follow-up appointments, and adherence to guidelines for recovery after a surgical procedure.

Translation Services: Assistance provided for language translation during your visit, if required.

While these components are commonly included, it is crucial to bear in mind that each bundle is distinct. It is crucial to meticulously examine the details as some packages may include additional optional features or exclusions.

When considering a hair transplant package, it is crucial to select a reputable facility with proficient surgeons. Analyze reviews, obtain pre-patient and post-patient photographs, and thoroughly review the clinic’s qualifications.

Finally, it is advisable to directly communicate with the clinic in order to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their programs, including any additional charges that may not be covered by the basic package. Due to the possibility of price fluctuations, it is imperative to verify this information directly with the clinic.

What is the price of 3000 grafts in Turkey?

Typically, around 3000 grafts are utilized in hair transplantation, which roughly corresponds to 7500 individual hair strands. Many hair transplant centers typically perform only 3000 grafts during a hair transplant procedure, but they may present the results to the patient based on the number of hairs transplanted, which could be as high as 7500.

The price of hair transplantation is determined based on the number of grafts, typically 3000 grafts. This pricing method is used to provide a clear and consistent price for individuals considering hair transplantation.

Certain hair transplantation centers engage in deceptive advertising by claiming that it is not possible to transplant more than 3000 grafts. If the donor area of the patient is deemed suitable for the operation, it is possible to transplant more than 3000 grafts. Conversely, engaging in excessive harvesting for the purpose of performing more than 3000 grafts in hair transplantation poses a significant risk for the future. Therefore, meticulous preoperative planning is crucial for achieving a successful hair transplant.

Hair transplantation centers typically charge between €1,500 and €4,500 for a procedure involving 3000 grafts. Individuals experiencing complete alopecia may require multiple hair transplantation sessions, as the transplantation of 3000 grafts will not suffice.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey with Details

The cost of hair transplant in Turkey – Undergoing a hair transplant procedure in Turkey offers additional advantages:

Experienced physicians: Istanbul, Turkey is widely recognized as the global hub for hair transplant procedures, attracting numerous renowned and highly skilled doctors. These doctors consistently enhance their skills to meet the expectations of their patients.
State-of-the-art technologies: Clinics in Istanbul employed cutting-edge technologies, such as sapphire blades, to guarantee optimal outcomes for their patients.

Turkey is widely recognized as a popular tourist destination. Prior to undergoing your operation, you can pursue a splendid career.
Turkey has implemented a data protection regulation that closely aligns with the regulations in European Union countries. Your operation is guaranteed to be confidential.

Safety: Hair transplant procedures in Turkey are exclusively conducted in accredited clinics. These clinics must comply with the emergency regulations set by the Turkish Health Ministry. You can always be assured that you will be in capable and trustworthy hands.
Expense: The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is often the most alluring aspect that motivates individuals to opt for the procedure in Istanbul. Everyone desires a 5-star service at a quarter of the price.

What is the price of 2000 grafts?

Approximately 2000 grafts in hair transplantation correspond to approximately 5000 individual hair strands. The cost of 2000 grafts ranges from €1,500 to €4,500. However, the cost of a hair transplant with 2000 grafts in Turkey will not vary significantly from that of a hair transplant with 4000 grafts or 3000 grafts, as most hair transplant clinics provide comprehensive packages for the maximum number of grafts to be transplanted.

What is the price of 6000 grafts in Turkey?

The range is between $1,390 and $4,500.
The price range for a hair transplant procedure in Turkey, which involves 6,000 grafts, typically falls between $2,390 and $8,500. Thankfully, hair transplant teams with extensive expertise in Turkey provide highly competitive prices in comparison to other clinics in Europe and the USA. The implementation of this process can incur significant expenses due to the necessity of specialized knowledge and skills.

What is the price of 5000 hair grafts in Turkey?

The range is between $1390 and $4900.
The cost is variable and subject to change based on the quantity of modifications. The mean expense for 5,000 hair transplant grafts in Turkey ranges from $2,390 to $8,900 USD

What is the price of 4000 hair grafts in Turkey?

Approximately 4000 grafts in hair transplantation correspond to around 10000 individual hair strands. The cost of 4000 grafts ranges from €1,500 to €4,500. The average package prices in Germany amount to € 5,700, in the UK they reach € 6,500, in Spain they stand at € 5,950, and in Poland they are € 5,300. Several European and American clinics implement a pricing system based on the number of grafts. In such cases, the cost of a hair transplant with 4000 grafts can range from €6000 to €14000.

Is it considered safe to travel to Turkey for the purpose of undergoing a hair transplant procedure?

Undoubtedly, it is secure to embark on a journey to Turkey for the purpose of undergoing a hair transplant procedure. In addition to its historical and appealing qualities as a tourist destination, Istanbul is also considered the hub of Hair Transplantation. Each year, a large number of people visit Turkey to undergo various medical procedures, including hair transplants, plastic surgery, orthopedics, oncology treatments, obesity surgery, and organ transplantation.

What factors contribute to the relatively low cost of hair transplants in Turkey?

Turkey is renowned for its cost-effective hair transplant procedures, which are more affordable compared to other countries, including the UK. The lower prices of Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey should not be attributed to their poor quality.

However, Istanbul, known as the epicenter of hair transplantation, boasts top-notch clinics and highly skilled and extensively trained hair transplant surgeons.

The primary factor contributing to the lower hair transplantation prices in Turkey is the reduced expenses associated with rent, materials, and products, as well as the significant disparity in exchange rates between the Turkish lira and the EURO and USD. Consequently, hair transplant clinics in Turkey are able to provide procedures at a more affordable price without compromising on the quality, which can even surpass that of other clinics.

Is hair transplant covered by insurance?

Negative. Insurance providers do not cover hair transplants as they are considered cosmetic procedures. Conversely, insurance can provide coverage for hair transplant surgery in cases where hair loss is a result of a medical condition.

Strong, Permanent, and Natural Hair Transplantation is Possible at Affordable Prices with EsteFavor!

We offer you hair transplantation procedures with our most professional doctors and the team at the EsteFavor! One of the most frequently asked questions by individuals who want to have hair transplantation is hair transplant prices. Hair transplant prices vary according to some situations. First of all, it is necessary to be examined to create price information. Information about the price variation is given below. Call us for more detailed information and make an appointment to be examined.

What Are The Factors That Determine Hair Transplant Prices?

Many factors affect hair transplant prices.

  • The change in hair transplant prices depends on the choice of the clinic at the first stage.
  • Different pricing can be made within each clinic.
  • Situations such as the fact that the doctors working in the clinic are experts in their field and the presence of a talented team are some of the important factors affecting the pricing.
  • The quality of the technological tools used in the clinic can increase this pricing.
  • The method you will have hair transplantation also affects the price of hair transplantation.
  • Since hair transplant methods are different from each other, they have different pricing. During the examination, the open area will be checked and the number of grafts required for hair transplantation will be determined.
  • The low or high number of grafts changes the price of hair transplantation. If the number of grafts to be transplanted increases, the price of hair transplantation also increases.


Hair Transplant

All Included Package 1
$ 2000 USD
  • 3 Nights Hotel Accommodation
  • Airport VIP Taxi
  • Sapphire / DHI
  • Maximum Grafts
  • Painless Anesthesia / Comfortfree Method
  • Medicines All You Need (5 Kind)
  • Laboratary Tests
  • PRP And Mesotherapy
  • Hair Care Set for 1 month
  • Medical Pillow
  • Translator 7/24
  • Vitamine Set
  • Health Consultancy For 1 Year

Hair Transplant

Package 2
$ 1500 USD
  • Sapphire / DHI
  • Maximum Grafts
  • Painless Anesthesia / Comfortfree Method
  • Medicines All You Need (5 Kind)
  • Laboratary Tests
  • PRP And Mesotherapy
  • Hair Care Set for 1 month
  • Medical Pillow
  • Translator 7/24
  • Vitamine Set
  • Health Consultancy For 1 Year