Which Country to Choose for Hair Transplant: Turkey or Poland?

Which Country to Choose for Hair Transplant: Turkey or Poland?

Poland is one of the developed countries in hair transplantation. Especially due to weather conditions, hair loss is seen in many people as a result of badly affected hair. The only solution for irreversible hair loss is hair transplantation. One of the best things to consider when having a hair transplant is hair transplant centers. Hair transplantation centers in Poland, an Eastern European country, host many patients from all over the world.

In our article, you can find information about the best hair transplant centers in Poland and Turkey hair clinics comparison. Let’s find out how to the best hair transplant operation.

Hair Transplant


Even if there are many hair transplant clinics, it is very important to find the best hair clinic for you. To do this, you must consider some points:

  • Doctors and their teams must be skilled and experienced.
  • You must make research to find the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, for example.
  • You should consider how to get the best hair transplant operation by consulting to the experts.

Poland usually comes to the forefront with cheap hair transplant centers in hair transplantation. Therefore, those who want to have a cheap and good hair transplant experience often prefer Poland. However, when we look at the event from the perspective of Turkey, we see that it is far ahead in the field of hair transplantation. The fact that it has the best hair transplant doctors and hair transplant clinics is the biggest reason why it is preferred by many people at all times of the year.

What Is The Cost of a Hair Transplant in Turkey and Poland?

The hair transplant price varies according to country. When we examine the costs in Poland and Turkey, we can make some comments:

  • The prices are a little high in Poland, only the hair transplant price starts from 3000 Euros. Although it is quite affordable compared to the United States, it would be a little thought-provoking to choose Poland when there are more suitable countries. At the same time, for a person who wants to have a hair transplant, not only the hair transplant price but also the transportation and accommodation costs are quite high in Poland. This does not make the hair transplant trip very economical.
  • Hair transplant price in Turkey is highly variable. While the prices are 2,500 euros in big cities, it is possible to find figures such as 1850 euros in some places.

When we compare Poland and Turkey, it is possible to see that hair transplant cost in Turkey is much more advantageous. Because many services are also included in the amount to be paid.

Which Is Better for Hair Transplant Operations?

Which Is Better for Hair Transplant Operations?

When compared, it is seen that Turkey is much more economical and advantageous than Poland for getting the best hair transplant operation. Additionally, it is much easier to find the best hair transplant hospital in Turkey.

 There are many factors for you to choose Turkey. The most successful hair transplant treatments are performed in Turkey. Treatments are of high quality and are carried out in hygienic environments. Doctors are highly experienced in their field. The chances of you having any problems with the treatment after the treatment are negligible, if there are any problems, the clinics will make up for it free of charge. So you don’t spend any extra money. It is very convenient if you want to have a holiday while being treated in Turkey. You can travel to this country where winter tourism is held for 12 months, and you can have a holiday while you are being treated.

Additionally, clinics in Turkey are equipped with state-of-the-art devices. Hygiene is given great importance in clinics. Depending on the clinic you prefer, some clinics are inspected by the Ministry of Health every 6 months. Thus, it has been proven to offer successful and quality treatments. All the products used in the clinics are original. Doctors and health personnel who perform hair transplantation in the clinic are the most experienced and successful people in their field. Thus, the comfort and satisfaction of the patient being treated are kept at the highest level.

How Is The Hair Transplant Results in Turkey and Poland?

Which Types of Hair Transplant One Can Get in Turkey and Poland?

Both in Poland and Turkey, it is possible to get FUE, Sapphire FUE, and DHI hair transplantation. Thanks to technological advancement, many more methods are being developed nowadays.

Thanks to the leading hair transplant clinics, you can get premium hair transplant result in Turkey with FUE and DHI techniques. Hair transplantation in Turkey is carried out in accordance with world standards. But in terms of price policy, it is in a much more attractive position than other countries. The availability of treatment costs and Turkey’s quality patient service help people who are considering hair transplantation to come to Turkey.