Laser Hair Relief

Laser Hair Relief

Unwanted hairs cast a shadow on your beauty and charm. And some feathers are very stubborn about it. EsteFavor’s laser-rewinding process ensures great results, even in light and fine hair! Laser hair relief is suitable for any skin type and hair color.

Enjoy the smoothness.

Unwanted hairs are among the common complaints of everyone without gender discrimination. The number of people who have recently been laser epilating has increased and a high success rate is achieved in unwanted hair. However, in some hairs, laser epilation may not produce the desired result. At this point, the laser-rewinding will help you meet the smoothness of your dream!

What Is Laser Hair Relief?

The laser hair-rewinding process is a special method that allows the standard laser epilators to thin hairs and color them. It is especially used for light-colored hair in areas such as the face, arm, and back.

Laser epilation allows most people to remove 95% of their hairs. However, the face, neck, and more may not produce the desired result. Laser hair relief targets light-colored hairs, especially in these areas.

How To Make a Laser Hair Rewind?

Laser hair relief is applied with the Q Switch laser and is based on hair that the laser epilators cannot aim at. During the process, the laser is progressed in the same way as the epilating phases. The laser hair rewinding process is especially suitable for specific points:

  • Face,
  • Lever,
  • Back,
  • Neck,
  • Lever,
  • Cheek,
  • Favorite,
  • Abdomen,
  • Back 

The hairs in the areas where the laser-rewinding process is performed become thinner and have a lighter color. This makes the hairs almost invisible and impossible to spot with an outside eye. Hairs in the treatment area start to grow within two weeks. For hair that does not fall out, it is sufficient to have a pouch during the shower.

Laser-fluff hairs start to grow lighter between 1 and 3 months, with a finer structure. With the hair coming out, the laser rewinding is done and the process is repeated.

EsteFavor’s expert esthetics and physicians determine the number and frequency of sessions, taking into account many factors such as skin type, skin color, hair type, and color. Contact us to say goodbye to unwanted hair and have smooth skin!

What Are The Advantages of Laser Hair Slimming?

The most important advantage of laser hair-winding or laser-thinning is that it is painless. During the process, there is a slight feeling of sinking or tingling. However, for people who aren’t feeling well, an anesthetic cream can be applied to the application site.

Laser hair thinning offers several advantages:

  • Suitable for all skin types,
  • Applies to anyone without gender discrimination,
  • Hairs begin to thin and yellow with the first session,
  • Four seasons can be applied,
  • No feeling of pain,
  • Applicable with 4–6 weeks of sessions,
  • Provides an affordable solution,
  • Leaves no trace.

Light redness may occur in the treatment area after laser hair-winding. However, it isn’t permanent and no action is required for redness.

When you get to EsteFavor, you’ll meet the ways you can achieve the smoothness you want! Make your appointment now and make sure your hair is invisible.

To Whom Can Laser Hair Lightening Be Applied?

Laser hair relief can be applied to anyone over 18 years old. It is especially suitable for people who cannot get the smoothness they want from laser epilation. It also provides an ideal solution for those who want to remove hair from their cheeks, upper lip, neck, arm, etc.

Laser hair banding should not have open wounds, infections, etc. in the application area. It is also not suitable for hair on tattoos. In this case, the tattoo can be deleted or a color change will occur.

Considerations After Laser Hair Lightening

As EsteFavor, we are conducting a meticulous and selfless study to ensure that the process is healthy and our patients are comfortable. Contact our experienced healthcare team before and after the transaction to find out what you are curious about.

After laser hair-winding treatment area must be protected from the sun for 48 hours. Exposure to intense sunlight due to the sensitive area of treatment can result in color inequalities and sunspots. In addition, sunscreen must be applied to the application site.

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