Beard Mustache Transplant

Ready to recreate your style with a lush and masculine beard/mustache?

With EsteFavor, it is possible to reach the look you have been dreaming of for a long time, together with the right methods, professional transplantation, and sterile treatment process.

Beard and mustache are known as the most valuable accessory of men. It allows you to have a more masculine, stylish, and cool look. For some reason, we offer strong transplantation methods for your beards that do not have the shape you want, do not spread, or grow. EsteFavor,

  1. Filling the gap formed in a certain area in the beard/mustache area with hairs,
  2. Making beards and mustaches that are not in sufficient density more dense and bushy,
  3. Along with completely redesigning the shape of the beard, it enables beard/mustache transplantation to be performed in the areas that are compatible with the relevant shape.

At EsteFavor, we know that grafts transplanted using a correct angle and an advanced technique in beard and mustache transplantation can yield excellent results. The angle, length, quality, and density of the grafts placed in a narrow area and at a visible angle are important when transplanting beard and mustache. Therefore, when requesting service in this field, you need to work with an innovative team that uses modern methods and is an expert in the field.

We present this to you.

Why Do Men Have Beard and Mustache Transplantation?

Beards and mustaches completely change your style and thus provide a more masculine look. It offers timeless elegance in men’s fashion trends recently. We carry out transplantations that will suit your face shape, taste, and wishes and we promise 96-99 percent success.

  • Are you dreaming of a harder face look?
  • Isn’t your mustache as lush as you always imagined?
  • Do you have difficulty using your beard because it does not grow hard and often enough?

Today, beard and mustache transplantation technologies have developed. Thus, the rate of men applying to clinics to solve the problem of stout or sparse appearance has increased. However, many men who have achieved the dreamed style with the beard structure, which started the growth process in 2-3 months and gained its final appearance in 9-12 months, prefer to hide that they have had transplantation. As a result of the studies, it is seen that the men who conceal that they have had transplantation are about 35 percent of the total transplantation patients. It is possible to say that the main reason for this is the existence of established norms in society and the lack of knowledge about transplantation.

Many people who want to be sure that they have transplantation prefer the unshaven transplantation method in their beards. This type of transplantation method can provide a much more powerful and modern image.

The EsteFavor guarantees expert methods and maximum adhesion. Our clinic will offer you the result you are looking for with advanced medical tools.

It is possible to have a more stylish, free-spirited, and masculine look with your beard. If you are ready, discover and recreate yourself.


How is Beard and Mustache Transplantation Done?

Before the beard and mustache transplantation, your specialist doctor will perform a detailed study about your face shape, the number of grafts needed, the final appearance of your beard and mustache. Various digital imaging techniques are used for this. These techniques clarify the final view that receives the patient’s approval. Then, steps are taken to start hair and mustache transplantation.

We offer you a variety of methods for transplanting in the beard and mustache area! What we care about in transplantation processes performed with highly advanced medical devices is to use the method that is exactly suitable for your skin, hair structure, and the number of grafts you need. In this way, we maximize the efficiency you will get from the planting process.

Beard and mustache transplants are preferred 300 percent more often than in previous periods. Transplanting success has been proven in the long run. It is a perfect improvement for men who have a beard or sparse beard problem!

To ensure that the transplantation process is smooth and the health of the patient, we first make the necessary blood tests at the EsteFavor. These tests are done to make sure that there is no cause of blood disease before the person has a transplant. Transplantation may not be right for people with a contagious blood disease, excessive bleeding, and a skin disease that poses a life-threatening condition.

After it is seen that there is no obstacle for beard and mustache transplantation, your aesthetic and reconstructive specialist doctor in Favor Clinic examines the area where the transplantation will be done in detail. Determining the look you want in the beard and mustache area, drawing the areas to give an idea, showing you the final appearance with imaging techniques, and deciding on the method are performed. Your doctor offers you a personalized beard/mustache transplant plan, taking into account your style, preference, and wishes.

Did you know that today, the transplantation procedures are done 100 percent painlessly thanks to the anesthesia method? In beard and mustache transplantation procedures, local anesthesia is applied to the donor area where the grafts will be planted and the openings where the transplantation will take place. It is ensured that the patient gets through the process with maximum comfort. The patient never feels pain during the transplanting, which takes approximately 2 to 5 hours. We especially apply local anesthetic drugs that contain sedation. It takes place with the help of a thin injector with the least damage to the tissue. Sedation allows the patient to be conscious throughout the sowing and thus meet their needs. Also makes sure not to feel any pain. In the EsteFavor, anesthesia is performed only by anesthesiologists. We care about your health.

In this procedure, your doctor uses professional medical devices. Your doctor determines the number of grafts considering the density you want and takes them from the donor area. At this stage, the doctor’s professionalism is important. Also, the quality of the solution in which the grafts will be kept is important. To have the strongest elongation and healing process after transplantation, tissue loss in the grafts should be at a minimum level.

Grafts are taken and left in a special solution. At the same time, the canal opening process starts with special tools. This process may differ depending on the transplantation method to be made. For example, in the Sapphire FUE method, micro motors with a thickness of 0.6-0.8 mm made of real sapphire are used to open canals. In the DHI method, opening and transplantation of the canal are done in a single step. Also, it is done with a Choi Implanter Pen. In the classical FUE method, a metal tool is used to open the canal.

This stage requires the utmost care to create a special shape and style in areas such as beard and mustache. Your doctor implants the grafts using the correct transplantation angle to present the final view determined by you. The transplantation angle is important because it is important that these hairs do not stand up or down more than necessary, they are natural and support hair growth. Transplantation takes between 2-5 hours. Approximately 1000-2500 grafts are applied during beard and mustache transplantation. The number of grafts is determined according to the density and appearance desired by the person.

At EsteFavor, we care that men reach the masculine, modern and impressive aura they dream of. We use world technologies to achieve this. We follow the most modern methods that strengthen transplantation. While you are getting service in our clinic, you will be experiencing the most modern transplantation process that you can benefit from.

Ready to discover more? Contact us now! The EsteFavor is ready to serve with its treatment areas designed by following international standards, maximum sterile equipment and treatment processes, and experts in the field, making a name for itself. Let’s create a personalized beard and mustache transplantation plan for you right now!

By Which Methods Is Beard and Mustache Transplantation Performed?

Beard and mustache transplantation provides maximum efficiency when performed with the right methods. In this way, it makes it possible to have a permanent, dense, full, natural, and masculine appearance. EsteFavor guarantees 96 – 99 percent success in beard and mustache transplantation performed with advanced methods.

It is very valuable for us to offer diversity in the transplantation process and to provide you with the treatment experience with the technology you demand. Beard transplantation and mustache transplantation are operations performed in a narrow area. It is very important to use methods that make intensive canal opening and graft transplantation possible in a narrow area. Accordingly, the technologies of each method used should serve permanent, natural, and angle-appropriate transplantation.

At EsteFavor, we can perform beard and mustache transplantation with the Choi Implanter Pen, an advanced medical tool, or with Sapphire FUE blades, which have been proven to be successful in the international arena, have high quality, and minimize tissue damage. Especially since it is in the face area, post-transplant recovery must occur as quickly as possible. It is also extremely important that the elongation starts immediately and disappears in the form of spots. DHI and Safir FUE methods provide a faster healing process thanks to the use of tools that keep tissue damage at a minimum.

The FUE method promises high retention rates. It is performed by minimizing the tissue loss of the grafts. It is a microsurgical method and is frequently used in beard and mustache transplantation. Usually, 1000 to 3000 grafts are used in beard transplantation. In mustache transplantation, between 300 and 500 grafts can be applied depending on the face shape of the patient and the desired model.

Why Beard and Mustache Do Not Grow?

Beard and mustache begin to develop with the secretion of the male hormone, especially when men enter puberty. Depending on genetic differences and environmental factors, hair growth and hardening may occur within a few years. Using various serums and medicines to reach the desired density of beards may be a trigger, but these methods do not provide a solution for an individual with hereditary reasons.

Beard and mustache transplantation in men is not performed until the age of 20-22 when hormonal activities reach a balance. In this way, you can be sure that you need transplantation. Today, 30 percent of individuals between the ages of 30 and 35 can have a sparse beard or beardless.

At EsteFavor, we determine the reason why your beard and mustache do not develop. Depending on this reason, we aim to increase the efficiency of transplantation with the right treatments. Here are the reasons that can prevent beard and mustache development in men:

First 10 Days After Beard and Mustache Transplantation and Recovery Phase

Beard and mustache transplantation, accompanied by our experts, takes place in a process called “shock shedding” within the first month. This process means that the transplanted grafts shed quickly. This spill should not worry you. Keep waiting, using the serum and maintenance methods your doctor has recommended for you. Then, around the third and fourth months, your permanent beard or mustache begins to grow. As of the sixth month, the results of the hair and beard transplantation will be completely final.

We drew a general map of the process. Let’s examine what the first ten days of improvement will be done:

  • Transplantation Day: On the day of transplantation, it is possible to experience numbness, swelling, redness, and bruising around the face and eyes, in the area where the transplantation is performed. These natural side effects will disappear over time without the need for extra intervention.
  • The First Day After Transplantation: Your doctor will recommend the treatment method to support the growth of the grafts. It is injected into the transplantation area with the help of an injector. Grafts and skin tissue harmony becomes easier. In this way, growth and recovery are accelerated. Therefore, we recommend this treatment to patients. Treatment increases the efficiency of transplantation up to 35 percent. Today, people who want a bushy beard but do not want to have a transplant come to our clinic for this treatment.
  • The Second Day After Transplantation: On the second day, we invite you to the EsteFavor. We do the first wash carefully with special solutions. It is very important for us to do the first wash with you and to tell you what needs to be considered in the cleaning processes. This is why our patients should do this.
  • The Third Day After Transplantation: With the effect of the first wash, the clots formed during planting are cleaned. A stubble beard or a mustache that has just begun to grow appears on your face. With this image, you can continue your social life. Of course, 80 percent of the grafts seen in the first month are shed. Permanent grafts begin to grow in the following months.
  • The Fourth Day After Transplantation: The compatibility of grafts with the skin begins to increase. This is why your immune system reacts to foreign substances. In response to the grafts, pimples and small rashes are seen in the transplanted area. A slight red image in the relevant area will be with you in the process. The image will disappear within one to two weeks without any additional intervention. During this process, you may feel mild itching in your beard and mustache area and burning in the areas where the grafts are collected. Despite this, you should not scratch the area. You should not use products that your doctor does not recommend.
  • The Fifth Day After Transplantation: Small rashes and itching may continue to bother you. Use the ointment and lotion given to you by your doctor. Thus, you can minimize the discomfort that occurs.
  • The Sixth Day After Transplantation: Your beards and mustache begin to grow slightly. However, you should not shave during this process. Scientific researchers say that the first shaving should not be done before the 12th day in order not to interfere with the growth process of the grafts.
  • The seventh Day After Transplantation: Transplantation processes of the grafts placed in the beard and mustache area continue normally. You should rest for a week. Also, you should not carry heavy. Moreover, it is very important to allow your immune system to adapt to the grafts.
  • The Eighth-Tenth Day After Transplantation: Development continues in the first ten days after transplantation. Do not hesitate to contact the EsteFavor officials if you encounter any problems during this process or if you would like to ask a question!

Who Cannot Have Beard and Mustache Transplantation?

Beard and mustache transplantation cannot be performed on individuals with contagious blood diseases. If the disease is not at a fatal level, transplantation can be done with the consent of the doctors and technicians and with the necessary equipment. There should be enough grafts in the donor area for transplantation. If it is not sufficient, transplantation is not possible. According to the researches, transplantation cannot be done with grafts taken from someone else.

In some cases, grafts can be taken from other parts of the body instead of the donor area. To achieve this, your doctor must have certain tools. Also, sowing must be done by professional people.

Beard and mustache transplantation cannot be done to people who have the following diseases and health problems:

  1. Individuals with HIV – AIDS virus,
  2. People with pseudopelade and lichen planus disease,
  3. Individuals with cardiovascular disease,
  4. People with blood pressure disease,
  5. Individuals who have had 3 or more unsuccessful hair transplantation,
  6. Individuals with scalp conditions with chronic effects.

What are the Side Effects and Negative Aspects of Beard and Mustache Transplantation?

Side effects of beard and mustache transplantation include erythema, redness, and infection. However, if it is done in a sufficiently sterile environment and done by a correct professional, the possibility of infection and similar diseases in transplantation is very low. Therefore, we recommend that you be careful in choosing the clinic to avoid side effects and complications.

In very rare cases, sufficient adhesion may not be seen in beard and mustache transplantation. The reason for this is that hair roots are collected from other areas due to the insufficient number of grafts in the optimal graft collection area. You can talk about all the details of the examination with our specialist doctors at the EsteFavor. You can create a hair transplant plan specifically for you.

What is the Cost of Beard and Mustache Transplantation?

The prices of beard and mustache transplantation generally differ according to the number of grafts and transplantation methods. Transplantations made with DHI Choi Implanter Pen are more costly than other methods.

In general, between 1000 and 2500 grafts are required for beard and mustache transplantation. The number of grafts is determined according to the style you want and the density of your beard/mustache.

Would you like to learn more about the transplantation process, create an examination for beard and mustache transplantation and create a planting plan specifically for you?

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