Unshaved Hair Transplant

Stop getting away from social life because you have hair transplantation!

With the EsteFavor specialists, the most advanced tools, innovative surgical perspective, and unshaven hair transplantation are performed in sterile areas. Unshaved hair transplantation, your hair is made thicker without being scraped, and you are prevented from experiencing a sudden change in appearance. Modern, permanent, strong, and maximized grafts grow step by step and your fuller hair looks like a natural process.

Are you ready for an unshaven, painless, and permanent hair transplant?

Change your hair. Thus, your entire style will change, your age will look younger and your self-confidence will increase. We, the EsteFavor, fulfill the dreams of our valued patients about their appearance one by one. While doing this, we prioritize attention, hygiene, and support. You are in the right place to learn the details of the unshaved hair transplantation process, to discover the recovery steps after transplantation, and to get to know the Favor privileges closely.

It is time for a change.

What is Unshaved Hair Transplantation? Who Can Be Done?

Unshaved hair transplantation is preferred 25 percent more this year than last year. It became the favorite choice of people who do not want to be noticed that they are doing hair transplantation in the social environment.

Our patients have graft transplantation in the areas of the hair that are left open, without shaving any area other than the graft collected areas. The natural healing process of the hair is experienced by hiding among the existing hairs. The growth process completed at the end of a year provides a hair image that gets stronger and thicker step by step.

Unshaved hair transplantation is a version of any of the classical FUE or FUE’s innovative transplantation methods applied without shaving the patient’s scalp completely. In this method, the procedure steps do not change for patients: Anesthesia, graft collection, canal opening, and graft placement are performed step by step.

45 percent of those who prefer unshaven hair transplantation are women. Many women do not want to shave their entire hair due to aesthetic concerns, but dream of thicker hair. They can find this chance by recreating all their styles with the innovative methods of EsteFavor. Call us now and we will make an appointment for you to meet with our Aesthetic and Reconstructive Specialist doctors. Have fuller, sleek, young, and modern hair as soon as possible after hair analysis and blood tests!

Did you know that 65 percent of those who have unshaved hair transplantation prefer the Choi DHI method? Keep exploring to discover all the methods used during transplantation!

How is Unshaved Hair Transplantation Performed?

We do not want hair transplantation processes to result in you not going out for a long time.

Imagine that you are in a comfortable social life with high self-esteem and slowly experience the results of hair transplantation.

Unshaved hair transplant is different from traditional hair transplant methods. No area is scraped except the area where the graft is collected, so the people around you will not understand that you have hair transplanted and you will be able to easily go to your workplace. Unshaved Hair Transplantation is accepted as the application type of any method. Unshaved transplantation can be performed using different methods such as FUE Hair Transplantation and DHI Hair Transplantation.

If your specialist doctor at the EsteFavor cannot find any situation that would prevent transplantation after blood tests, he/she examines your scalp and decides which is the best hair transplant method for you, considering the number of grafts you need. Then, at your request, this method can be applied within the framework of an unshaven procedure.

At EsteFavor, we care about the health of you and our staff above all else. For this reason, we do not start the transplantation without getting you a blood test. The blood test that will take place in our clinic is done to understand that you do not have any contagious blood disease that can prevent transplantation. After the necessary controls are made, the examination phase begins with your specialist and experienced doctor.

Unshaved hair transplantation is a procedure that requires extra expertise, as there is hair in the area to be transplanted or very close to the area. We promise that the procedure will be performed by a doctor who has experience in the field, has access to advanced medical devices, and thus promises you the highest efficiency. Before starting the transplant, your doctor decides which method will be used for unshaved hair transplantation. It then decides how many grafts you need. Your forehead line and the hair density to be obtained are determined within the transplantation plan you will make together.

Hair transplantation process in the EsteFavor is one hundred percent painless. In each step of the transplant, there is a local anesthetic drug in the area to be treated. This will make you feel much more comfortable as it will prevent any pain associated with transplantation. Local anesthesia is carried out under the supervision of an anesthesiologist. Thus, the best result is guaranteed.

Nape roots are the most similar to hair in terms of structure and anatomy. It will be the first area that our doctor will prefer to collect grafts. However, today, in 15 percent of the individual who wants to have a hair transplant, sufficient grafts cannot be found in the nape root area. In this case, Body Hair Transplantation (BHT) is performed with the advanced devices of the Favor Clinic. This process means that the grafts are collected from beard, mustache, chest hair, leg hair. After a careful graft collection phase, all of the collected grafts are left in a solution that will minimize tissue loss and preserve vitality.

For our patients who prefer the FUE and Sapphire FUE methods, the canal opening process starts immediately after the grafts are collected. If you prefer the Choi DHI method, there is no separate canal opening phase and the transplantation process begins. The Choi Implanter Pen opens the canal at the same time and allows the graft to be inserted into this canal by pushing it. When opening the canals, each stage must take place under the supervision of a specialist doctor, to catch the right angle, to open the canals to the necessary density, and not to compromise the sterile environment. In the Favor Clinic, every stage of hair transplantation takes place under the supervision of a doctor.

The collected grafts are removed from their solution one by one. It is transplanted with the help of a special medical device. This is the last stage of unshaved hair transplantation. At this stage, the doctor must treat the grafts to be placed in open areas extra gently and maintain the ideal planting angle. Remember, hair that is not transplanted at the right angle will mean erect hair and a look that is far from natural. The materials to be used during transplantation may vary according to the hair transplantation method preferred by the patient.

Ready to discover more?

EsteFavor specialists are ready to regain your hair for you. Better is always possible with methods and tools that will provide you with the strongest results in unshaved hair transplantation. Here are the methods you can choose during the transplant:

Recovery in the First 10 Days After Unshaved Hair Transplantation

We know that unshaven hair transplantation is preferred by many individuals who do not want their hair transplantation to be understood by their environment. For this reason, it is possible to say that among our patients who come to our clinic, people who are active in business life and who are constantly in social life research this method more frequently. Well, is unshaven hair transplantation suitable for people who have active life? How does healing occur in the first 10 days after unshaved hair transplantation?

After transplantation, at EsteFavor, we take care to minimize the damage that may occur in the tissue of the grafts and scalp to offer maximum speed recovery. We would like to remind you that we perform surgical interventions in 100 percent sterile and professional environments. Your health is extremely valuable to us.

  1. Hair transplant day: On the day of hair transplantation, you will be at the end of your adventure that lasts between 6 and 10 hours after transplantation. At this stage, it is important to rest your tired body, which may be a little sleepy with the effect of sedation anesthesia. When you go home, you should not sleep in the transplantation area. On the first day of transplantation, it is possible to experience swelling, bruises, and pain in your temple areas. These are expected to pass or diminish within a few days without any intervention.
  2. The first day after the hair transplant: It is very critical for the grafts to adhere to the scalp tissue on the first day after transplantation. At EsteFavor, we care about the yield you will get from transplantation. In this direction, we offer you treatment. Treatment requires a certain rate to be taken from the patient’s blood. It promotes elongation in the area and triggers the bonds to be established between grafts and tissue. Stimulation of the scalp and more intensive feeding of this tissue accelerates the growth of the grafts. It provides increased blood flow in the area and thus the nutrition becomes more intense. All these increase the possibility of permanent attachment of each graft placed as a result of unshaved hair transplantation. Treatment is a procedure we recommend to every patient after hair transplantation. In addition, our patients who do not prefer hair transplantation mostly perform treatment for hair care. For this, they visit our clinic.
  3. The second day after the hair transplant: On the second day, our patients are invited to the clinic. The first wash is completed in the company of a doctor and expert technicians. While doing this, your doctor will give you detailed information about the care of your hair. Also mentions the products that you can use for cleaning. During this meeting, you are expected to pay attention to the recommended details and perform your hair care in the upcoming processes.
  4. The third day after the hair transplant: It is important to rest to strengthen the healing process of your scalp after transplantation. If possible, it is very important to get permission from your workplace, pay attention to your sleeping position and avoid carrying heavy products. During this process, you should pay attention to your diet. Taking the vitamins recommended by your doctor will also allow the grafts to become stronger.
  5. The fourth day after the hair transplant: In unshaved hair transplantation, it is possible to have a slight pain in the area where the grafts are collected and at the point where the transplantation takes place on the fourth day. We recommend that this pain be controlled by using ointments and lotions recommended by your doctor. If you want to accelerate the recovery and reduce the pain in this process, you should avoid smoking and alcohol.
  6. The fifth day after the hair transplant: Scabs that begin to crumble can cause an intense itching sensation on your skin. Due to the hard structure of the crusts, pain and itching can be felt at the same time. This will create a high level of discomfort. At this stage, you should never scratch your hair or scalp. It is recommended that you use only the lotion recommended by your doctor.
  7. The sixth day after the hair transplant: It is extremely important to protect your hair from chemicals, excessively hot water, and blows. In this process, you have to quit team sports and intense athletic activities. Also, you need to pay extra attention to the care products you apply to your scalp. With a correct care routine and rest, the grafts continue to grow.
  8. The seventh day after the hair transplant: Crust may have reached the maximum level. You can wash your hair regularly on this day. Washing with extremely elegant movements should be done with the products recommended by your doctor.
  9. The eighth-tenth day after the hair transplant: A few days before the shock that will occur in the first month, you will observe the effects of healing in your hair and the gradual disappearance of crusts. You can try to remove the scabs in the open areas of your hair by gently rubbing them with the help of cotton. In this process, the clotting you see on the skin will almost completely disappear. You may not notice this because your hair in unshaved hair transplantation does not reveal these clots.

What Are the Advantages of Unshaved Hair Transplantation?

  • Unshaved hair transplantation is the savior of patients who does not want to reveal that they have had transplantation: Because in this method, the areas outside the donor area and the area where the graft is taken remain intact. In this way, in daily life, people may not understand that you have transplanted unless they are very careful. Also, the appearance of the grafts during the growth process will not bother you. Because a large part of the image is hidden by the existing hair.
  • The narrower area that requires hair root healing means less tissue damage in unshaved hair transplantation. This allows you to get results faster and helps you need less support during the healing process.

What are the Disadvantages of Unshaved Hair Transplantation?

  1. Unshaved hair transplantation, it can be difficult to operate on the area where the canal will be opened. Because there is a crowd of hair. Therefore, you should make sure that your doctor has a high level of experience and expertise. EsteFavor works with well-trained aesthetic and reconstructive experts who have been doing this for years.
  2. The operation may take a little longer than others.
  3. Unshaved hair transplant costs may be higher than other hair transplant methods. Because your specialist needs to work longer on a single procedure and requires a higher amount of experience.
  4. Unshaved hair transplantation means that the hair is transplanted without shaving. However, there is a complete loss of transplanted areas with shock shedding within fifteen days to a month. But this is not exactly a disadvantage. Because, just like in other methods, in this method, the hair starts to grow from the third month and permanent results are obtained.
  5. Since there is no shaving, the number of grafts your doctor can apply for a single session is limited. However, it is possible to turn this disadvantage into an advantage by dividing the process into several sessions.

What is the Unshaved Hair Transplant Price?

Hair transplantation prices may vary depending on the width of the areas to be transplanted, the number of grafts needed, and the method you choose to perform unshaved transplantation. Of course, the experience of the doctors who will serve you in the clinic of your choice, the level of expertise, and the sterilization of the clinic affect the prices to a certain extent.

Do not forget that you should choose a specialist clinic that can perform the correct method with a sufficient number of grafts for the transplantation process that you dream of seeing permanent results for life.

The EsteFavor is only a phone call away.