Does Getting a Hair Transplant Painful?

Does Getting a Hair Transplant Painful?

Hair transplant painful? Hair tarsnplantation is one of the most preferred aesthetic applications of recent years. Women and men equally have started to prefer hair transplantation as hair is one of the important details in the appearance of a person.

Although hair transplantation is preferred by both women and men, there are reservations about whether people feel pain in their heads. However, since hair transplantation is an operation performed under local anesthesia, pain is not felt under any circumstances. As long as you find the best hair clinic, you will complete a painless process.

Hair Transplant Painful

Which Hair Transplant Type to Choose?

Even if there are many hair transplant types offered by the best hair transplant hospital in Turkey, the FUE hair transplantation technique, which is a new-generation hair transplantation technique, has been used in hair transplantation operations, especially in recent years. The FUE technique is extremely safe and is a more developed method than the first application, the FUT method. One of the biggest advantages of the FUE method is that hair transplantation is performed without any incision.

Is Hair Transplantation Safe?

Hair transplantation has been applied for about 60 years, although the methods applied to vary. In these 60 years, the techniques and the technology used have improved, and the knowledge of the doctors has increased, so the pain felt by the patients has decreased day by day thanks to the best hair transplant methods and best hair clinic addresses.

Since hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia, almost no pain is felt during the procedure. However, slight pain may be felt for about a day after planting, when the effect of local anesthesia wears off.

The pain you will feel will be kept to a minimum with the painkillers that your doctor will give you. In addition, redness, pain, and discomfort in the transplanted area may be felt for a few days after the procedure. At this point, it is very important to find leading Turkey hair clinics to get a safe and painless operation.

Is Hair Transplantation Safe?

Does Getting a Hair Transplant Painful?

Techniques used in hair transplantation operations are techniques that can be applied much more effortlessly and easily in the world and in Turkey, especially with the development of technology, while providing natural results. Today, the Choi technique, which is one of the hair transplantation techniques, is generally preferred by surgeons and is comfortable for the patient.

Technological developments in hair transplantation continue to improve it every day to find the best technique and hair transplant result in Turkey has become very good. The Choi hair transplantation technique, which is currently one of the most comfortable and successful methods for the patient, is the technique performed with the Choi pen. It is a method that allows the hair follicles to be taken from the healthy area and transferred very successfully to the sparse and dense area. If you wish, you can also benefit from a FUE hair transplant Turkey or DHI operation.

What to Do After A Hair Transplant Surgery?

What to Do After A Hair Transplant Surgery?

In order to accelerate the healing process after hair transplantation and to get successful hair transplant result in Turkey, it is necessary to follow these steps:

  • Lie in a slightly upright position for three days after the operation,
  • Do not stand too much,
  • Do not stay in the sun too much,
  • Do not scratch the hair transplant area,
  • Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes for two to three weeks,

How Many Grafts Are Needed for Hair Transplant?

Turkey hair clinics offer many advantages and the best hair transplant results in addition to benefiting from grafts. There are also some important points you need to know for the ideal hair graft. In order for hair transplantation to have a natural appearance, the number of grafts per square centimeter should not be below a certain number. 20 to 30 grafts per square centimeter are ideal and yield numbers. As long as you find a leading hair transplant center in Turkey, your doctor will explain how much graft you will need and what hair transplant price will be.

The other important point to be considered while performing hair graft transplantation and determining the number of grafts is the characteristic features of the hair. While fewer grafts are needed to improve the appearance of people with thick and bushy hair or curly hair, more grafts are needed for people with thin and weak hair.

You can contact the best hair transplant hospital in Turkey to get further information about the hair transplant process, graft numbers, and hair transplant cost in Turkey.