Hair Transplantation in Men

Isn’t it time to regain your hair?

Moreover, as permanent, natural, and plump.

EsteFavor provides hair transplantation services for men in Istanbul with its expert staff, high-tech devices that guarantee maximum quality and sterile medical fields.

It is innovative, modern, and always open to offer solutions. This is the point of view of our doctors and expert technicians on hair transplantation services for men.

You are in the right place to get information about the methods used in our clinic for hair transplantation in men, the advantages of these methods, the transplantation process, and the results of hair transplantation.

Why Do Men Have Hair Transplantation?

Hair loss occurs due to genetic factors and environmental reasons. This situation causes many men to lose their self-confidence in their social life. Many studies have shown that men with fuller and denser hair can look younger and more energetic than other men. Also, studies in the field of psychology show that having full and dense hair gives the message of a healthy individual and can become an advantage for men in choosing a mate.

Hair and beard is an important accessory that is considered a “make-up” for a man in line with the trend of our time. You can achieve a masculine, strong, and youthful look with a design/planting that reflects your character and is compatible with your face shape. The vast majority of men who prefer the EsteFavor transplant to reflect their style on their hair and beard permanently. Also, they regain self-confidence in their social life and gain a younger appearance.

Did you know that last year 500 thousand tourists, mostly men, came to Turkey for hair transplantation only? What about that the number of hair transplant procedures in Turkey is 10 per day?

Hair transplantation offers a permanent style change for men. At the same time, hair transplantation is becoming more common every day.

So why do hair transplant recipients prefer to hide this situation?

Many men who regularly continue their business life want methods such as Unshaved Hair Transplantation so that they do not appear to have a hair transplant. Hair is not scraped completely when unshaved hair transplantation is performed. Therefore, no intense change is achieved. With this method, the hair grows in a process and becomes fuller. The reason why men hide their hair transplant is that there are prejudices. Also, people around the person who undergo hair transplantation may not have enough information about hair transplantation. For this reason, some men hide hair transplantation.

No need to worry! The EsteFavor uses the appropriate method to best meet your expectations during and after hair transplantation and allows you to regain your hair. Do you want to return to your daily life immediately? For this, you can choose Unshaved Hair Transplantation. You can continue your life as if you have not had a hair transplant. Do you have time to rest? You can choose Sapphire FUE, which we apply with advanced sapphire blades. In this way, hair transplantation takes place where you will achieve maximum density in open areas.

Would you like to regain your hair and change your style permanently?

EsteFavor is waiting for you in Fatih. You can call us to get information about hair and beard transplantation for men or to make an appointment.

How is Hair Transplantation Performed in Men?

Hair transplantation in men, genetic and environmental causes of hair loss are examined. Also, detailed mapping of the structure of the scalp and the anatomy of the hair shaft should be done. Every hair transplant to be performed is personalized according to the person’s graft needs, expectations from hair transplantation, and the available open area and presented within the plan. For hair transplantation to give natural and fuller results as desired in men, the graft calculation and forehead line determination procedures before hair transplantation must be done by the doctor. The effects of this treatment will be permanent throughout life. For this reason, you should only trust the professionals.

Hair transplantation in men is performed with the following stages:

Before the hair transplant day, you will be invited to the EsteFavor. At this time, you will have blood tests included in the hair transplant process. These blood tests are necessary to protect both you and your doctor from blood-borne diseases.

Your doctor look to your scalp, determine the open areas to be filled, and the number of grafts needed with a detailed examination. You will be interviewed in detail. Then, with the professional opinion of your doctor, the hair transplant method is decided.

The procedure starts with local anesthesia. Sedation may be preferred for local anesthesia in the area where the grafts will be collected. In hair transplantation using sedation, the patient has a consciousness between sleep and wakefulness. Also, the person does not feel pain at all and is completed at a level where basic needs can be met.

For the collection of grafts with anesthesia, doctors usually prefer the nape root. The hairs in the nape root have the potential to grow. Also, it has the structure closest to the hair in terms of hardness structure and exit angle. If the grafts in the nape root are insufficient, your doctor collects the grafts from other parts of your body with a special method called Body Hair Transplantation at the Favor Clinic. The collected grafts are kept in a special solution to minimize tissue loss.

Grafts kept in the solution are carefully protected. In the meantime, your doctor starts the canal opening process by paying attention to the determined opening areas and the determined forehead line. This process does not occur as a separate step in the DHI method. Canal opening and graft placement procedures are performed at once with a device called the Choi Implanter pen. In all other versions of FUE, canal opening and graft placement procedures are performed separately.

After the canals are opened, your doctor starts the process of transplanting each graft individually in the designated areas using special medical devices. Each graft used in hair transplantation consists of two or three hair strands. The angle that is taken into consideration during canal opening and hair transplantation is very important for the appearance of the hair to be natural and not to create an artificial appearance called “grass man”.

Note: A standard hair transplant can take between 6 and 8 hours. During this period, it is very important that the patient is conscious and can meet his basic needs. Approximately 4500 grafts are transplanted in a standard hair transplant. If more grafts are needed, the hair transplant process can be divided into two days.

We, as EsteFavor, ensure that hair transplantation procedures for men are performed permanently and intensely. To achieve this, we bring together the appropriate hair transplantation method and the correct number of grafts. We closely follow the developments in this field around the world. We strive to be the first clinic to actively implement these developments in Turkey.

Our main priority is to make our patients, who sit at the table with high expectations, experience a real sense of satisfaction with the final appearance they reach. To achieve this, we maintain our professionalism at all stages of hair transplantation. We carry out all stages with a specialist doctor. Also, we create an extra sterile clinical environment. You can also make an appointment by contacting EsteFavor and get a date for hair transplantation after the hair examination.

By Which Methods Is Hair Transplantation Performed In Men?

At EsteFavor, we perform hair transplantation in men with one of the following modern and proven methods. Let’s determine the most suitable method for your hair after your doctor’s examination!

What are the Causes of Hair Loss in Men?

Today, 92 percent of patients who visit clinics for hair transplantation are men. Up to 30 percent of the hair can be shed at the age of 30 in an adult man. This rate increases up to 40 percent in men who reach the age of forties. With the effect of genetic shedding, an individual who is fifty years old loses approximately half of his hair.

First 10 Days After Hair Transplantation in Men and Recovery Phase

Hair transplantation in men is performed by the EsteFavor specialists with great professionalism. It is our responsibility to find answers to the questions our patients are curious about during and after hair transplantation and to give them information about the hair and scalp with the first wash. At the EsteFavor, we are with our patients not only until the hair transplant but also after the hair transplant.

  1. Hair Transplant Day: After the hair transplantation, there may be slight swelling and pain in the head and eye areas within that day.
  2. First Day After Hair Transplantation: Immediately after hair transplantation, your doctor recommends treatment to strengthen the transplanted grafts. This treatment requires between 5 and 10 ml of blood taken from another area of your body to be centrifuged in the EsteFavor lab. This is done by injecting with microneedles. Thus, growth hormones in the blood stimulate the scalp. It positively affects the development of grafts in the hair transplantation area. It provides the formation of new capillaries where it is injected. Also, it ensures that the scalp is nourished better than before. Looking at these features, it is possible to say that is a great combination with hair transplantation. Treatment can also be used as a kind of care tool by people who have not had hair transplantation.
  3. Second Day After Hair Transplantation: On the second day, the first wash will be done by your doctor in our clinic. The special shampoo is used. You are also told how to wash and the first wash takes place. This procedure contributes positively to the healing process of the hair. You are expected to continue the hair washing routine as your doctor and assistants have told you.
  4. Third-Day After Hair Transplantation: During this time, you should continue to rest before returning to your standard life. Resting the body supports healing in the hair area, and this can be the best gift you can give yourself. From the third day on, you should stop using materials such as heavy sports and team sports that can destroy your hair follicles for at least one month. We recommend that you quit smoking and alcohol consumption during this period.
  5. Fourth Day After Hair Transplantation: During this day, the hair tissue will gradually begin to get used to the grafts. During this process, a slight burning may be felt in the area where the grafts are collected. Also, the feeling of soreness and itching can be felt in the area where the hair transplantation was performed. You can reduce the discomfort by applying the kit and the lotion in the kit given by the EsteFavor to your scalp. During this process, you mustn’t use any medication that your doctor does not particularly recommend to you.
  6. Fifth Day After Hair Transplantation: By the fifth day, the burning and itching sensation will continue. The crusting that occurs with the healing process can make you extra uncomfortable. But in this case, you should not scratch your hair. You can use the lotions given by your doctor again and reduce the discomfort.
  7. The Sixth Day After Hair Transplantation: The development and recovery process continues as it should. You can clean your hair using the details you learned in the first wash. Remember, you should never touch gel, hairspray, or similar chemicals on your hair.
  8. Seventh Day After Hair Transplantation: The crusting will increase on the seventh day. However, the discomfort and burning sensation in the scalp will begin to decrease.
  9. Eighth – Tenth Day After Hair Transplantation: While the first ten days are about to be completed, the healing process in the scalp will be completed gradually. The itching will decrease. You can make light prints using cotton to clean the scalp’s crusting. This way you can try to shed the crusts. You can wash your hair gently and with care. If you wish, you can visit the EsteFavor and request a washing.

Who Is Not Suitable For Hair Transplantation?

For hair transplantation, first, the strands in the donor area where the grafts will be collected must be compatible with the hair strands. If it is not compatible, the probability of successful hair transplantation will be very low. In addition, if the blood-borne disease is detected in blood tests to be performed before hair transplantation, hair transplantation is not performed. If the detected disease is not fatal, the decision to perform hair transplantation is left to the will of the doctor. In general, hair transplantation is not applied to people with the following health problems:

  1. People with hepatitis C disease,
  2. People with HIV – AIDS virus,
  3. People with pseudopelade and Lichen planus disease,
  4. People who have had a hair transplant that failed 3 times or more,
  5. People with scalp conditions with chronic effects.

What are the Side Effects and Negative Aspects of Hair Transplantation in Men?

Hair transplantation in men is performed with modern methods with a success rate between 99 percent and 100 percent. At EsteFavor, we guarantee the maximum retention rate. We are constantly communicating with our patients for the healthy progress of the process. Nevertheless, in some cases, people who have hair transplantation may have an incision scar. The doctor can professionally plan the incision area and ensure that the incision scar remains under the hair.

Hair transplantation using local anesthesia generally does not cause strong side effects. After hair transplantation, temporary bruising, crusting, flushing, and temperature increase may occur in the area where the hair transplantation is performed and in the donor area. Your doctor will recommend an ointment/lotion to get rid of this uncomfortable situation.

What is The Cost Of Hair Transplant in Men?

Hair transplant prices for men may vary based on the number of grafts required for hair transplantation and the method of hair transplantation to be used. It depends entirely on your hair analysis. Do not forget to call the EsteFavor to get a quote that will suit you, to plan the hair transplant process with your doctor, and to make an appointment.