Post Hair Transplantation Process

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The best hair transplant center for individuals who want to have vibrant, dense, and voluminous hair is the EsteFavor, which guarantees you success in hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a process that requires experience. It is important for us that hair transplants performed by our specialist doctors give successful results. For this reason, we help you after transplantation. The process after hair transplantation is at least as important as the hair transplant procedure. For the hair to progress smoothly in the recovery and growth processes, the important situations after hair transplantation are in the continuation of our article.

What Should Be Considered After Hair Transplantation?

The hair transplant process takes almost a year to complete. In this process, there are important situations that need to be considered for the healthier and stronger growth of hair. Along with the things you should not do, there will be things you should especially do. All of these are to prevent problems during the recovery and growth process of hair.

  • You should not scratch the scalp. Your doctor will recommend a lotion for itching.
  • While putting on and taking off your clothes, you must avoid contact with the scalp.
  • The sun’s rays should not hit the scalp and you should not sweat excessively.
  • Stress also causes hair loss. Try not to be subjected to stress.
  • Substances such as alcohol and cigarettes adversely affect the recovery process. You should stay away from these.
  • In the early stages of the hair transplantation process, do not lift heavy objects and do not do challenging sports.
  • When washing your scalp, do not use the water in extreme heat or cold.
  • Do not use accessories such as hats and berets before the transplantation process is completely over.
  • You should not use any chemicals on the scalp.
  • Nutrition is an important factor for hair to grow stronger. During this period, take care of a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Hair follicles need some vitamins for the recovery and growth process. Do not forget to use additional vitamins recommended by your doctor.
  • The first wash will be at the clinic. You should continue washing processes without ignoring your doctor’s advice the next time.
  • Your immune system plays an active role in strengthening the hair. For this reason, you should not tire yourself too much.

In general, when all these points are taken into account, the process of hair recovery and growth will proceed completely naturally. In this way, you will have the desired strong and healthy hair at the end of about a year.

Processes Within Months After Hair Transplantation

First Month: At the end of the first month after the procedure, there is a shock spill effect. In this case, the hair is almost completely shed in the transplanted area. This is a natural situation in all transplantation processes. New hair will grow stronger.

Second Month: Spills will end towards the end of this process. New hair will start to appear gradually. You should continue with the vitamin supplements required to strengthen the grafts.

Third Month: Hair will begin to be prominent at this timing. Your hair will grow stronger as it grows and will have a thicker structure.

Fourth Month: Hair will continue to grow a little longer during this period. The visibility of the hair will increase.

Fifth Month: The hair will grow stronger and will be completely connected to the scalp. During this period, it is necessary to avoid situations that will adversely affect the natural growth process of the hair.

Sixth Month: The desired hair appearance begins to be obtained in the transplanted area. Thicker and stronger hair will continue to grow during this period.

Seventh and Next Months: Thicker and stronger hair will be in better condition for daily use during this period and beyond. Hair shaving or haircut can start with this process.

At the End of a Year: On average, at the end of a year, the hair will have a complete appearance. Now, new hair can be given the desired shapes. With this period, you can use products for hair care. Moreover, you can wash with the shampoo you want.

With the recovery process in the area where the hair transplantation is performed, crusting may occur and it is natural. Crusting can be cleaned gently with the help of cotton and water after 10 days.

Not all shampoos are used after hair transplantation. Chemicals will adversely affect the hair recovery process. Get advice from your doctor.

Sport is an activity that strains the body. It changes the blood pressure and in this case, there may be bleeding in the transplantation area. This bleeding causes damage to the grafts.

You can swim in the sea or pool at least 10 days after the hair transplant. However, the planting area should not have too much contact with water.

While the grafts are placed in the open area, they wait outside for a while. Therefore, after the grafts are placed, they cease to function for defense. This is the reason for the shock sheddings.

Hair transplants are permanent for a lifetime.

The recovery of the donor area takes 10 days.

After about a year, the hair takes its final form.

Thanks to the skills of our specialist doctors, the probability of scarring are very low.

If done with specialist doctors and a team, hair transplantation does not damage the nerves.