When to Get Hair Transplant Surgery?

When to Get Hair Transplant Surgery?

It is a reality that the right timing is very important for the best hair transplant.  When to Get Hair Transplant Surgery? The question of when hair transplantation is done is closely related to the level of hair loss. It is not right for people whose hair loss level has not reached a certain point to have hair transplantation, and in the same way, hair transplantation should not be performed for people with intense hair loss.

The main reason for this is aesthetic concerns. When a person with ongoing hair loss is transplanted, the hair that continues to fall out will create an unaesthetic and at the same time unusual appearance. But if you find the best hair clinic for you, you can find different opportunities, also.

Is that all? Of course, not! Let’s examine the other details on the subject together!

When to Get Hair Transplant Surgery
When to Get Hair Transplant Surgery?


What Is a Hair Transplant?

According to the different needs of people, the recommended treatment methods and scope for hair loss may vary in addition to the hair transplant price. As a treatment method offered as a solution to hair loss, hair transplantation is carried out in the form of transplanting hair follicles located on the nape of the neck or in any part of the body to places where clarity and sparseness occur.

In this procedure, which is performed by specialists in the operating room under sterile conditions, the thin areas in the crown and forehead are treated by removing the hair follicles from the stronger areas one by one after local anesthesia and transplanting them where needed.

What Age Is Suitable for Hair Transplant?

Since each hair loss is caused by different reasons. These reasons may vary according to hair structure, person, environmental effects, and mental health (stress). Therefore, the age range of hair transplantation varies. Therefore, the age range of hair transplantation varies. For the procedure, the shape of the shedding is more decisive than the age. If the skin becomes visible when viewed with the naked eye, it means that the hair density in that area has dropped below

50 percent of the normal density. In this case, the most effective treatment to be applied to the patient may be hair transplantation. Hair transplant operations cover a wide age range and the best hair transplant techniques can be applied for each age range.

When to Get Hair Transplant Surgery
How Young Can Someone Get Hair Transplant Surgery?

If you wonder how young someone can get a hair transplant, let’s summarize it. What is important here is the general health status of the person. The lower limit for the age range of hair transplantation is 22, at this point, the level of hair loss comes into play. An expert hair transplant center in Turkey has also stated that the appropriate age for hair transplantation is 22.

What Is The Best Age for Hair Transplantation?

Anyone between the ages of 20 and 65 can have a hair transplant operation. There is no age limit for hair transplant surgeries. Hair loss can start at an early age genetically and continue until advanced ages. The sooner people who experience hair loss take precautions, the more positive the treatment will be and they get the best hair transplant results.

Especially young people should take hair loss that starts at an early age seriously and apply to a specialist dermatologist for treatment. It is beneficial for young people who experience hair loss to take forward-looking measures.

When to Get Hair Transplant Surgery


What Is The Cost of Hair Transplant Surgery?

We see that people who want to have information about hair transplant prices frequently search with terms such as hair transplant prices and average hair transplant prices. It is not possible to determine the average hair transplant price or the same price for each hair transplant operation. A hair transplant examination is required to determine the exact price of the hair transplant. After the examination, the type of operation to be performed is determined and the hair transplant price is determined.

Additionally, the hair transplant price may vary according to the country where you get a hair transplant. For example, hair transplant cost in Turkey is not the same as the prices in Mexico as Turkey hair clinics offer much more affordable services.

When to Get Hair Transplant Surgery


What to Consider Before a Hair Transplant?

Even if there are many points to consider before getting a hair transplant, let’s list some of the points expressed by an expert hair transplant center in Turkey: 

  • It should not be too late for a hair transplant operation.

The hair in the area where the healthy hair follicle will be taken should not lose its density and vitality. The denser the hair on the nape, the more successful the surgery will be. You can find the best hair clinic that will express the process.

  • You must find the best clinics in your country.

If you want to get the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey,  for example, you must make extensive research and find a suitable clinic for you.

  • You should consult an expert.

For example, if you want to get a successful hair transplant result in Turkey, you should contact the experts and get further information about your surgery.